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November 20, 2020 By Sumo Logic

Insights from the 5th annual Continuous Intelligence Report

For five years, Sumo Logic has created the Continuous Intelligence Report on the state of modern apps and DevSecOps. New to this year’s report are unique insights into how enterprises are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic— particularly in terms of security threats.

Customers use Sumo Logic to manage their production apps and services, and this report provides a reflection of overall trends in technology adoption across entire industries. The team behind the report analyzed petabytes of data collected from more than 2,100 Sumo Logic customers monitoring mission-critical modern applications on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Mapping the changing global security landscape during the COVID-19 global pandemic

Sumo Logic Global Intelligence analyzes more than 55 threats from hundreds of Amazon GuardDuty customers. Our team mapped the source and target of Amazon GuardDuty findings to get a perspective on the origin of attackers. The data in the report shows that 47% of attacks originate in India, US, EU and Russia. Looking at the data over the course of the COVID-19 global pandemic shows that the largest jump in attacks detected by GuardDuty originated from Russia and India.

More enterprises are using multiple Cloud providers

This report is developed using data from more than 2,100 Sumo Logic customers running applications across all major cloud platforms and on-premise environments. While AWS remains the leader in providing Cloud services among Sumo Logic customers, we saw the number of enterprises using multiple Cloud providers grow by 70% year over year, outpacing previous 12 months that saw 50% growth.

The shift to more modern application architecture.

As more enterprises become dependent on the cloud, they’re shifting to a more “modern architecture” including microservices, containers, orchestration, CDNs, and serverless technologies. The typical AWS application has as many as 26 services (up from 15 last year) and is deployed across two or more regions and two or more accounts. Serverless architecture is continuing to grow, and AWS Lambda adoption is now at 37 percent among our customers on AWS. CloudFront continues to hold a lead in providing CDN services with 25% adoption.

Kubernetes dominates Multi-Cloud orchestration

Over 40 percent of Sumo Logic’s AWS customers are using container orchestration. Kubernetes is becoming the default container orchestration technology, with over 85% of businesses that operate applications across multiple clouds running Kubernetes.

Demand for DevSecOps to optimize software delivery

The continued expectations for DevOps to optimize the release and updates of apps and services has challenged siloed teams - given the now standard work-from-home situation. It's important that distributed development teams leverage analytics and insights to optimize the entire end-to-end software development and delivery process and improve the continuous intelligence of their organizations. Sumo Logic’s Software Development Optimization solution couldn’t come at a better time.

In this year’s Continuous Intelligence Report, you’ll find more details, charts, and data on the adoption of DevOps tools, security services, microservices, container orchestration, serverless technology, and more. Download a full copy of the report here.

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