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April 27, 2020 By Christian Beedgen

Sumo Logic Recognized as Data Analytics Solution of the Year Showcasing the Power of Continuous Intelligence

We’re excited to share that our Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ was recently recognized as the Data Analytics Solution of the Year by Data Breakthrough. We join an impressive list of innovative solutions and companies that are solving complex and critical problems and disrupting new markets and industries.

Winning this achievement further validates our vision to provide a solution that is helping modern businesses thrive in today’s Intelligence Economy. The Intelligence Economy is the next chapter of digital transformation in which market winners and losers will be determined by the speed in which companies consume and act upon real-time analytics to speed decision-making and drive great customer experiences.

When we started Sumo Logic a decade ago, we saw early on that cloud computing would change the way companies run their businesses and deliver new value. We believed (and still do) that machine data analytics could play a transformative role in helping digital businesses succeed in an on-demand world, so we built the first, cloud-native, machine data analytics platform to address that need. As such, real-time, machine data analytics has become the new approach for modern analytics, or, continuous intelligence, which is essential to driving digital business models, which are always on, always on-demand -- continuous.

Today, our Continuous Intelligence Platform is an essential solution that delivers tens of millions of continuous insights to over 2,000 customers and 100,000 active users globally across their entire application lifecycles and application infrastructures to build, run and secure their modern applications. Every day on average the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform analyzes more than 100 petabytes of data, executes over 30 million searches, and queries more than 500 trillion records.

In the last year, we doubled down on our commitment to help companies understand and act upon the tsunami of data they are facing today with the industry’s first Continuous Intelligence Solution for Kubernetes to help users make faster, better decisions to deploy reliable, scalable and engaging digital services. On the security front, we launched Cloud SIEM Enterprise that combines autonomous security automation software with Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM to deliver the next-generation of cloud security for today’s digital businesses. We also made it easier for users to gain limitless value from their analytics solutions with new data analytics pricing and licensing models that leverage cloud economics to support the changing ways customers use and value their data. These are just a few innovations that help position us a leader in continuous intelligence.

However, our work doesn’t stop there.

According to IDC the global total of data is expected to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, of which nearly 30 percent will be consumed in real-time. The combination of the rise of real-time, machine data with the fast-moving, business technology shifts of multi-cloud infrastructures, open-source technologies, and next-gen cloud security solutions, means delivering real-time, continuous intelligence and insights to people across the company is now more important than ever.

As we continue to grow in this cloud-first era, in which data has become “the new oil,” we will continue to evolve our Continuous Intelligence Platform to further help our customers harness the potential of their data assets and compete in today’s Intelligence Economy.

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Christian Beedgen

Christian Beedgen

As co-founder and CTO of Sumo Logic, Christian Beedgen brings 18 years experience creating industry-leading enterprise software products. Since 2010 he has been focused on building Sumo Logic’s multi-tenant, cloud-native machine data analytics platform which is widely used today by more than 1,600 customers and 50,000 users. Prior to Sumo Logic, Christian was an early engineer, engineering director and chief architect at ArcSight, contributing to ArcSight’s SIEM and log management solutions.

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