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November 18, 2015 By Manish Kalra

Driving Continuous Innovation with IT Visibility

IT Operations teams are always under pressure to keep critical business applications and services running to meet the demands of the business and its customers. Given the legacy siloed monitoring tools they are stuck working with, pinpointing a problem or getting ahead of a problem before it happens is a daily challenge.

Ops teams require a modern solution that integrates with their current environment and provides end-to-end visibility in a single unified view for all their applications and supporting infrastructure. When IT Operations teams don’t have this insight, the IT resources that their organization, employees and customers can come to a grinding halt.

So as an IT Operations professional, what can you do? How do you get the insights you need to keep the servers running, the cloud available and applications responding, all while avoiding any negative business impact?

The answer is simple: With Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is the cloud-native service that helps deliver visibility into the operation of an organization’s IT infrastructure. By ingesting the pool of machine data generated within the IT environment, Sumo Logic easily delivers critical performance, availability, configuration, capacity, and security insights to help you monitor and support your critical business apps and underlying IT infrastructure.

IT Visibility with Sumo Logic

The Sumo Logic service model advantage lets you:

  • Eliminate monitoring silos by merging all your application and IT infrastructure data
  • Discover meaningful patterns in your IT data and resolve issues faster
  • Detect abnormalities in the performance and usage of your applications and IT systems

Sumo Logic offers some of the most comprehensive native integrations for IT to modernize operations and deliver superior service to the business and its customers. If you haven’t tried Sumo Logic yourself yet, sign-up and see how you can get immediate operational visibility of your IT infrastructure. Not only that, it’s free and you can get up and running in just a few minutes.

I’d love to hear about how you’re monitoring your IT infrastrcuture, so please feel free to send feedback directly to

Director, Product Marketing
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Manish Kalra

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