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November 29, 2022 By Michael Riordan

New AWS services? No problem! How Sumo Logic is evolving to meet your AWS observability needs

AWS Observability portfolio

Every year, AWS re:Invent demonstrates the pivotal role that AWS plays as companies build their modern applications. Investing in a growing portfolio of AWS services can be key to a business’s ability to compete.

But this often means additional complexity: more services, across more regions and accounts. Organizations need a way to ensure their applications running on AWS services are reliable and secure.

Enter Sumo Logic. As companies continue to invest in AWS and migrate more workloads, we solve two core challenges that typically go hand-in-hand:

  1. Data silos — How to get unified visibility of their AWS environment

  2. Troubleshooting — How to detect, identify and diagnose application issues as soon as they occur

In this blog, we’ll cover recent AWS-related updates with you. They reflect our commitment to making it easier to get AWS telemetry into Sumo Logic and to help your teams monitor and troubleshoot more effectively.

Enhance AWS Lambda observability with our new extension

In case you missed it, we recently announced a Lambda extension for the new Telemetry API. This extension makes it easier for you to get critical Lambda logs, platform metrics and platform traces into Sumo Logic. The API offers deep insights into phases of the Lambda lifecycle, including events related to cold start visibility and understanding whether initialization happened normally.

Support AWS Graviton adoption

We are happy to support organizations using AWS Graviton processors to optimize the cost of workloads running in EC2 — in fact, AWS recently named us a Graviton Ready Partner. Our installed collectors can now be deployed on Graviton instances to collect telemetry. Version 19.403-1 and above support deployment on Linux ARM/Aarch64-based instances.

Track unusual AWS costs within Sumo Logic

If you’re using Graviton processors to optimize costs, the AWS Cost Explorer app for Sumo Logic may interest you. It helps you gain visibility into AWS usage and cost alongside infrastructure performance insights that you already may be tracking within Sumo Logic’s platform. Leverage this app to detect unusual cost spikes and identify their root cause, correlate performance and cost data and begin cost optimization planning.

Unlock new out-of-the-box insights

The latest release of our AWS Observability solution includes new and updated dashboards for select AWS services, including:

  • Classic ELB

  • EC2 CloudWatch dashboard: now, you can cross-check data with two independent dashboards from separate sources (our installed collector and CloudWatch)

  • EC2 Events dashboard: leverage CloudTrail data to review successful and failed events related to your EC2 instances

  • SNS: get detailed breakdowns of messages published and received

These dashboards join the out-of-the-box content we offer for other supported services, such as ECS, RDS, ElastiCache, API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB.

Also, if you’re new to AWS Observability, you have three different options to get started — via our CloudFormation-based deployment, a Terraform-based setup (great for those who already use this framework) or a single CLI-based onboarding workflow (ideal for those who do not need customizations).

Get started today

Our team is focused on building new integrations and apps for the latest AWS services, so you can get critical telemetry into Sumo Logic. We also give you out-of-the-box dashboards to make visualizing the data and troubleshooting easier for key AWS services. If you’re looking for a solution that can solve your AWS monitoring needs, click here to get started with a trial of Sumo Logic today.

And if you’re at re:Invent this week, stop by booth #1120 to say hello and see our solution in action!

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Michael Riordan

Michael Riordan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Michael is a member of the Observability Product Marketing team at Sumo Logic. Before Sumo Logic, he worked as a PMM at forward-looking technology companies Axon and Fastly. When he's not working with sellers and product managers, Michael enjoys watching reality TV and collecting vintage clothes.

More posts by Michael Riordan.

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