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March 5, 2024 By Michael Cucchi

Log it all and eliminate visibility gaps

Log everything

Doing security and observability by budget sucks. Choosing where to limit your visibility and deciding which logs and data you may need before you actually need them is backward logic in today’s AI-driven world. The plain reality is that log management and analytics shouldn’t be based only on what you can afford to ingest.

Imagine a world where you have a single source of truth. One that drives better collaboration across your Dev, Sec and Ops teams, and the cost barriers don’t exist because you can afford to ingest all of your log data and drive real business outcomes across security and observability on a single platform, not siloed tool stacks. A world where you can drive and unify data to take full advantage of AI/ML capabilities, for noise reduction, anomaly detection, and prediction and automation of responses.

Sumo Logic is making this a reality. We’re excited to announce the launch of Flex Licensing, a first-of-its-kind economic model that offers free, unlimited log data ingest so developer, security and operations teams can capture and analyze critical data across their enterprise in one place. The new pricing model removes a common cost barrier for data analytics, allowing customers to take full advantage of their ever-growing volumes of data to make data-driven decisions and accelerate innovation without gaps in visibility versus being forced to throw out what could be business-critical data.

Let’s take a closer look at how Flex Licensing works!

Free log data ingest will change how you work

Even as terms like DevSecOps are increasingly popular, we know that the reality is that teams of developers, security analysts and operations professionals are often using disparate and competing data sources. Without relying on the same atomic level of logs as a fundamental source of truth, collaboration and silo-breaking is almost impossible.

When you and your colleagues can ingest all the data in one place without worrying about the impact on your budget, you get 100% visibility. Now you have the foundation you need to solve some of the toughest problems, to close security gaps and to build your AI/ML projects on ever-increasing data volumes. This ends the maintenance and management balancing act that juggles collection sacrifices with avoiding business-stalling risks.

With Sumo Logic, it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with structured or unstructured data. You can ingest all those logs and handle the management and analytics once you’ve seen what you’re working with. There’s no need to rehydrate your data or worry about performance drops when you need your logs the most – all your data is 100% indexed and readily available in a high-performance cloud-scale SaaS offering.

Plus, with unlimited users, you can invite everyone to use the same data. Cross-team collaboration doesn’t just become easier and more convenient. When you and your DevSecOps coworkers share the same insights and data analysis, you can improve your working relationships, build trust, innovate in unique ways and drive new levels of mean time to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

I’ve done a series of briefings with analysts in the industry to showcase this new pricing, and Michelle Abraham, Research Director of Security and Trust at IDC explained this link between pricing and DevSecOps well.

To see the benefits of a true DevSecOps model, organizations need to be able to ingest massive amounts of data, which can be costly. Breaking down the barriers associated with the price of log analytics is crucial for widespread adoption. New financial models can empower organizations to access the benefits of comprehensive log analysis, promoting a more inclusive and effective DevSecOps culture.

How $0 ingest works

To start, you ingest data from whatever log data sources you want or need. Ingest some or all of your data, it doesn’t matter because that will cost you $0. Instead, you pay for the analytics, the true value of your data.

Pricing is built on data scanning and queries. When you execute a Sumo Logic query across log data, for example with log search, dashboards or monitors, you are scanning the data. Scan volume is the total storage volume that’s scanned on the platform. This is a more efficient way to search for and access data, and it can be used to quickly locate, access and analyze your stored data.

With Flex Pricing, our $0 ingest model, you’ll spend your budget on storing and scanning volumes of data, not on data ingest.

There’s no trade-off in price for performance, either. This model lets you optimize your data analytics without a dependency on hardware and planning scaling so you can easily expand based on your analytics requirements and always get maximal performance for ingest and query response - no sacrifices.

Key benefits of Flex Licensing and the platform include:

● No charge for log ingest

● No performance sacrifices or complicated sizing and scaling

● Straightforward pricing and platform

● Deeper insights through AI/ML

● Unified log analytics for DevSecOps

It’s time to rethink the economics of log management and analytics

I’m excited about this change to our pricing model and what it will unlock for our customers. I’ve focused on pricing and packing for decades and zeroing in on customer value and simplicity has always won the day. Ultimately, pricing is either a barrier or not, but truly the goal is for you to be able to log everything and pay for the value your business is realizing from the solution. When you no longer need to decide which logs to keep or dump based on cost, you can think bigger, simplify your approach, and scale without breaking budgets. Imagine a future with all your enterprise-wide logs at your team’s fingertips.

When the economics of log management and log analytics are turned on their head, you’ll be able to innovate and take on new initiatives that are built on the atomic level of truth for our digital businesses, logs. I can’t wait to see what you do when you aren’t limited by log ingest fees.

Learn more about Flex Licensing and get a quick estimate on our pricing page.

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Michael Cucchi

Michael Cucchi

Vice President of Product Marketing

Michael Cucchi has over 25 years of systems engineering, product management, and product marketing experience in the high-tech and software industries. He recently wrapped up close to 3 years running product and marketing GTM functions at PagerDuty. In addition to full time roles, he is an active startup advisor, investor, and also a member of the board at the infrastructure automation provider,

Prior to PagerDuty, Michael was the VP of Software Product and Marketing at Cognizant where he drove strategy, funding, and go-to-market methodology across a broad portfolio of software-as-a-service offerings. He has also spent time in product marketing leadership roles at Pivotal, Akamai and Riverbed in addition to kicking off his career as a practitioner, running IT operations for a major datacenter for the US federal government.

He lives on the north shore of Boston with his wife Kathleen of 20 years and their 13-year-old daughter, Francesca. Michael is also an avid musician and sailor and likes to spend what's left of his free time getting over his head on home improvement projects.

More posts by Michael Cucchi.

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