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April 12, 2022 By Melissa Beck

What it means to be ‘in it’ with our customers every single day

Today Sumo Logic is launching a new employee spotlight series called Sumo Spotlight highlighting our awesome employees across various functions from around the world to share a glimpse into our team and their experiences being part of Sumo Logic. The first spotlight in our new series features Stefan Tapp, a security solutions engineer based in Sydney, Australia.

Stefan Tapp profile

What is your role at Sumo Logic?

I am a Solutions Engineer for our security portfolio across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and an extension to our colleagues in Japan. My role covers a region consisting of 50+ countries across 2.8 billion hectares and 11 time zones! I’ve been at Sumo Logic for about 18 months and get to showcase our solutions and work with amazing customers, helping them choose modern cloud-native security monitoring solutions.

Can you tell us about your team?

As you can imagine, the team I work with across APAC is a very diverse group of people, both at the solutions engineering level and in sales and support. We all work incredibly well together and support each other as best we can. They are all superstars.

What is your take on Sumo Logic’s culture?

I have found the culture very inclusive and always found it easy to reach out to colleagues with questions, no matter what position they hold in the company. Everyone is genuinely here for each other and our customers. I’m looking forward to meeting more colleagues across the company in person as the future permits.

Which parts of our mission statement and values do you connect with most?

When it comes to values, I’d say all of them as they are all valid and important. However, two stand out to me. The first one is, We’re in it with our customers. This has driven my entire working life. I have always been customer-focused.

The second is One Single Agenda. I’m at my happiest when helping others, whether that is helping a customer improve security or helping a colleague learn new skills. Many years ago, while on my way to an airport returning from a week away from home working, I saw a sign on a building that said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” That has stayed at the forefront of my mind ever since, and I try to apply that every day.

What have been your proudest accomplishment(s) while at Sumo Logic?

First, being named the 2022 Enterprise SE of the Year. It was completely unexpected, but I’m proud and honored to receive it. I just enjoy doing what I do! Secondly, simply the feedback we get from customers, such as, “This was the best vendor engagement we have ever had.”

“I’m at my happiest when helping others, whether that is helping a customer improve security or helping a colleague learn new skills.”

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Naturally, Christian Beedgen and Bruno Kurtic, the founders of Sumo Logic are inspirational. They have built something incredible, a set of solutions that are a joy to work with, and a company that is great to work for. Also, the entire engineering team behind our Cloud SIEM solution is an inspiration. If I need something fixed or enhanced, the turnaround time is like nothing I have seen before. And it doesn’t go unnoticed by our customers either, which makes me super proud to work with that team.

What’s the most unique part about working here?

Oh, that’s easy—the people! It’s like a global extension of my family.

What do you like to do outside of Sumo Logic?

My extensive hobby list includes travel, photography, anything to do with cars, model railways, horology (clocks and watches), amateur meteorology (I have my own comprehensive weather station), our beloved dog Milo and generally anything to do with water, on it or in it such as paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba diving, boating, etc. And of course, we are truly blessed to live in Australia where I am currently living on the coast surrounded by water, wildlife, and stunning bushland.

Outside of Sumo Logic pics

Some of Stefan’s favorite things include his dog Milo and exploring Australia.

How have you grown professionally while at Sumo Logic?

I have learned much more about the entire technology space. I’ve always focused on security, but at Sumo, I have had the chance to learn more about other topics, like cloud transition and observability.

Share one thing that people may not know about you

The first time I ever drove a car I rolled it, coming to rest upside down on the edge of a 1,000 feet deep mineshaft. I was fourteen years old. Later, when I was much older, I was trained in the art of high-speed police pursuit driving. Don’t show this to my mum, since she doesn’t know about the car and the mineshaft!

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Melissa Beck

Melissa Beck

Sr. Director of Global Communications

Melissa is a strategic communications professional with 20+ years of experience developing and scaling global communications and influencer programs. Currently, she leads global communications for Sumo Logic focusing on corporate thought leadership, customer advocacy, employee communications and social media. In addition, she runs Sumo Logic's Customer Advisory Board.

More posts by Melissa Beck.

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