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March 7, 2019 By Sumo Logic

Tool sprawl is real, leading to wasted money and lost opportunity

Many forward-thinking organizations are embracing new technologies such as public clouds, containers and microservices architectures. As they adopt these technologies, they often also begin using new tools to ensure visibility into the performance of the increasingly complex applications they build.

Over time, the result is too many siloed tools, none of which delivers real insight into the performance of modern applications.

In a recent 451 Research survey, we found that 39% of respondents were juggling 11 to 30 monitoring tools in an effort to keep an eye on their application, infrastructure and cloud environments – with 8% using between 21 and 30 tools. But rather than offering better visibility, having too many tools creates inefficiencies and lost opportunity. Businesses we talk to that reduce the number of tools in use, often by choosing those that can serve multiple use cases, are able to cut costs and speed the time it takes to identify and solve problems.

To learn more about the business impact of tool sprawl and what businesses are doing about it, download the report.

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