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Alaska Airlines

“Sumo Logic has come a long way since we just used it as a log aggregator. By flipping on all the switches, the logs, metrics and traces, we’re now getting all the information that we need in Kubernetes.”

Bryce Lindsey, Principal Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)



  • SeaTac, WA


  • 20,500 employees

Alaska Airlines charts smooth integration modernization journey with Sumo Logic Application Observability

  • Challenge


    Alaska Airlines and its regional partners serve more than 120 destinations across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica. The airline emphasizes next-level care for its guests along with providing low fares, award-winning customer service, and sustainability efforts. As part of its ongoing commitment to high-quality customer experience, Alaska Airlines embarked on a major initiative that—when fully completed—would entail moving its monolith website and supporting applications from running on servers in data centers to the cloud.

    Essential to this initiative was the need for the company to maintain observability data and insights on application performance to ensure the migration was smooth and didn’t negatively impact customers as they searched for flights and made their online purchases. However, in pursuing cloud migration to Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes, it became apparent that the company’s incumbent application performance management solution would be cost-prohibitive and wasn’t a good fit to work in those environments.

  • Solution


    As a longtime customer, Alaska Airlines standardized on Sumo Logic as a natural to provide observability and real-time data insights as the company made its strategic investments in new Kubernetes infrastructure.

    Leveraging the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence PlatformTM, Alaska Airlines is empowered to accelerate innovation while ensuring application reliability and concurrently adopting a far-reaching set of supporting procedures and best practices for application performance.

  • Results


    Tracking website application reliability

    At any given time, Alaska Airlines has high volumes of traffic on the website with customers looking for a flight to visit a family member or plan their next vacation or business trip. With constant usage demands put on the site, the SRE team must ensure its reliable performance.

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