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Global Bank

“Sumo Logic was one of the main reasons our multi-cloud endeavor was success. It was 100% smooth with no issues, and Sumo Logic managed the telemetry that gave us the intelligence to support that undertaking.”

Head of Engineering


  • Across 31 countries


  • 15,000 employees

Global bank accelerates software releases and optimizes customer experience

  • Challenge


    As a digital bank serving 31 countries across the globe, the financial services company has a wide range of software-based products that support customer offerings, such as personal banking, home loans, wealth management, and small-to-medium business services. With software delivery as a backbone of the business, the digital bank was continuously striving to mature its DevOps processes to better serve customer needs and address market opportunities. To achieve this, one essential call-to-action was to pursue a data-driven approach for strategic planning and decision making.

    For the DevOps team, that meant having data to understand issues as they arise and the insights to derive optimum solutions. DevOps also needed data that would empower them to move at a fast velocity to deliver software to customers. Having good observability and telemetry data on the digital environment was an essential foundational component to enabling fast and intelligent development decisions.

  • Solution


    The financial services company adopted Sumo Logic’s cloud-native solution to provide the continuous intelligence that would help the engineering team on their DevOps journey. The solution ingests and analyzes data from their production digital banking platform, as well as their lab and beta experimentation environments. As part of this undertaking, the organization concentrated all of its log files from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud into Sumo Logic and then configured customized dashboards to address precise needs.

  • Results


    Serving 1.6 million customers with multiple products and services, the organization consistently generates a high volume of data. Sumo Logic collects data from log files and event streams and provides the financial services organization with a central data store and advanced analytics to detect errors, anomalies, and other platform analysis. Currently, Sumo Logic ingests and analyzes 416 gigabytes of data each day, which the financial services organization sees growing at a rapid rate. Sumo Logic’s cloud-native, elastic scaling architecture makes it easy for the digital bank to handle this data volume.

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