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“We’re subject to stringent regulations. Sumo Logic plays a major role in helping us stay in compliance.”

Isaac Wong, VP Platform Architecture and UX

Medidata has leveraged Sumo Logic’s API to create an assortment of custom-built resources.

  • Challenge


    Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers rely on Medidata’s solution to power the studies that determine whether their products are ready for delivery to the market. Medidata was generating a tremendous volume of logs from its systems, but this raw, unprocessed data was neither centralized nor efficiently scrutinized. At any given moment, Medidata’s customers are managing more than 5,000 active clinical trials on its platform. This means that, on average, every hour the company must respond to greater than 1 million transactions composed of 3,000 unique logins, up to 300,000 patient data page requests, and 150,000 Web service API calls. The company’s management set a goal to democratize access to its machine data as a critical precursor towards increasing the quality and availability of its Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

  • Solution


    Medidata incorporated Sumo Logic’s cloud native, machine data analytics platform into its technology portfolio. As part of this initiative, the company aggregated all machine data into a central location. This made it possible to derive meaningful insights from these logs via an extensive assortment of dashboards, alerts, and custom-built applications.

  • Results


    Medidata’s machine data endeavor has become widely popular across multiple organizations within the company. By positively impacting hundreds of users, Sumo Logic is now an integral part of their daily activities, helping them identify and correct problems more quickly and accurately. The ultimate beneficiaries of these optimizations are Medidata’s customers, who are now able to bring their lifesaving solutions to patients faster and at a lower cost.

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