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“Since adopting Sumo Logic we’ve never had to worry if it will scale to our data volumes. I’m 100% convinced we made the right choice in Sumo Logic.”

David Bresci, Sr Manager of Site Reliability Engineering, PagerDuty



  • San Francisco, CA


  • 950 employees

PagerDuty gains reliable, scalable analytics solution to help its 19,000 customers deliver better digital experiences

  • Challenge


    Founded in 2009, PagerDuty has grown rapidly and is now a leader in digital operations management. More than 19,000 customers across the globe rely on PagerDuty to deliver a better digital experience by identifying issues and opportunities in real time and bringing together the right people to fix problems faster and prevent them in the future.

    As an innovative tech company that processes billions of events to support its customer use cases, PagerDuty relies on real-time data to understand performance—from the platform’s core infrastructure to several hundred microservicess running in AWS to efficiently manage customer inquiries and support operations. Data intelligence is essential for PagerDuty to deliver on its SLA commitments for a high-quality customer experience.

  • Solution


    PagerDuty selected Sumo Logic—a reliable and scalable cloud-native solution—to provide much-needed operational insights. “We engaged Sumo Logic’s professional services team to assist with an accelerated migration to the platform. With that hands-on support, we completed the migration in three months. The customer service from Sumo Logic during that effort was fabulous, and we continue to receive the highest quality service that sets the standard to which we compare other vendors,” said David Bresci, senior manager of site reliability engineering (SRE) at PagerDuty.

  • Results


    Visibility that improves customer experience and
    mitigates risk
    Sumo Logic’s monitoring and custom dashboards provide PagerDuty with visibility across developers, support, and security teams. There are 400 users who rely on the Sumo Logic platform for daily searches and inquiries, making it fast and efficient for team members to troubleshoot development issues and rapidly respond to customer support cases.

    The development teams use insights from Sumo Logic to understand how code changes are impacting the platform and the customer experience. They rely on baseline data to understand what the standard performance for the microservice should look like. Leveraging Sumo Logic during an incident response effort, the team has a library of troubleshooting queries and pre- built dashboards at their fingertips to assess if a microservice performance is improving or not, which streamlines the process for engineering to resolve development issues in a pinch.

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