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March 5, 2024 By Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic reinvents the economic model for log management in an AI world

Sumo Logic Flex Licensing is a first-of-its-kind log analytics plan to make enterprise-wide business intelligence affordable with free, unlimited data ingest

REDWOOD CITY, CA – March 5, 2024Sumo Logic, the leading SaaS Log Analytics Platform today announced Sumo Logic Flex Licensing, a first-of-its-kind log analytics pricing plan that uniquely offers free, unlimited log data ingest so developer, security and operations teams can capture and analyze critical data across their enterprise. The new pricing model removes a common cost barrier for analytics, allowing customers to take full advantage of their ever-growing volumes of data to make data-driven decisions and accelerate innovation without gaps in visibility.

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate – estimates show that by 2030, global data will grow by 1,000 zettabytes every year – as services and companies rapidly digitize. The complexities caused by these huge volumes of structured and unstructured data, such as siloed information, security visibility gaps, and data storage and governance costs, make it extremely difficult for organizations to harness the business insights needed to provide reliable and secure digital experiences and scale AI/ML initiatives.

Sumo Logic’s unified, scalable and high-performance log analytics platform centralizes, stores and analyzes business-critical data in one place so organizations can reduce data overload and eliminate silos between development, security and operations. By removing the cost of data ingest into the Sumo Logic platform, companies can harness the full power of enterprise-wide data for business insights without cost limitations and leverage a single source of truth for DevSecOps initiatives.

“As data continues to grow exponentially, many log management vendors are adjusting their pricing models to adapt to this growth. The problem is that these models are still based on the same limiting parameters of data ingest or compute restriction. Sumo Logic is the first to introduce a disruptive approach by associating cost with the actual value of the platform - the analytics,” said Joe Kim, President and CEO for Sumo Logic. “We believe that log analytics can be a powerful single source of truth across Dev, Sec and Ops, and organizations shouldn’t have to pick and choose which business-critical data to ingest. Our new Flex Licensing model removes the cost barriers, allowing organizations to finally centralize, store and analyze all application, infrastructure and security data in one place to drive collaboration and provide the visibility required to make rapid decisions and accelerate innovation.”

What industry analysts are saying

"Logs are a critical source of telemetry data, increasingly so as applications grow in scale and complexity. But the cost to collect the growing volume of logs isn't sustainable for many organizations," said Nancy Gohring, IDC research director for Enterprise System Management, Observability and AIOps. "Vendors that offer the right backend technology and pricing models that allow businesses to focus on getting value from logs rather than managing volume will ensure that organizations can get the best intelligence about the operations of their infrastructure and applications. The result is increased efficiency in incident response, freeing up scarce skilled resources to focus on innovation and business growth."
Nancy Gohring, Research Director for Enterprise System Management, Observability and AIOps, IDC

"Achieving a true DevSecOps model poses a myriad of challenges. One significant hurdle is fostering effective communication and collaboration among these traditionally siloed teams. However, log analytics is emerging as a common language that can bridge these gaps," said Michelle Abraham, Research Director of Security and Trust for IDC. "But in order to see the benefits, organizations need to be able to ingest massive amounts of data, which can be costly. Breaking down the barriers associated with the price of log analytics is crucial for widespread adoption, and vendors are looking at new financial models that empower organizations to access the benefits of comprehensive log analysis, promoting a more inclusive and effective DevSecOps culture."
Michelle Abraham, Research Director of Security and Trust, IDC

According to a Gartner® report some of the key findings are: “Growing log data volumes and the proliferation of log sources and data formats thwart many organizations’ attempts to accelerate incident response by using log analysis tools. Further, collecting, analyzing and storing log data is expensive, particularly in cloud environments, where data transfer, processing and storage all incur fees. Without a clear payoff, many organizations ignore logs as a resource. Most Gartner clients overlook the impact of ignoring log monitoring and suffer reduced software quality, operational efficiency and timeliness of delivery. New primarily SaaS-focused vendors have entered the log monitoring market in recent years. These newer products may offer cost and capability benefits that make log monitoring more accessible.” 1

Zero Dollar Data Ingest

Sumo Logic’s new Flex Licensing plan aligns cost to business value to overcome today’s ever-growing data challenge by only charging customers for data storage and analytics executed. This revolutionary new consumption model provides customers with a scalable and efficient log analytics architecture that grows to manage enterprise-wide and cloud-scale log ingestion without the risk of runaway costs. Additionally, by delivering the new financial model for log management that encourages customers to ingest all of their log data, Sumo Logic is enabling businesses to centralize all of their observability and security analytics data in one place to simplify and accelerate meantime to resolution for availability, performance, and security incidents.

As part of Flex Licensing, organizations get full access to Sumo Logic’s SaaS Log Analytics Platform with complete visibility into their applications and systems. Key benefits of Flex Licensing and the platform include:

  • No charge for log ingest: Removes cost limitations associated with pricing models that charge based on data ingest and require Dev, Sec and Ops teams to pick and choose tools and which data to share. Instead, value is directly tied to analytics.

  • Straightforward pricing and platform: Simple, transparent pricing model that only charges for data storage and analytics. There are no hidden monthly charges, feature restrictions, performance tradeoffs or user limitations.

  • Deeper insights through ML/AI - Flex Licensing enables powerful ML/AI capabilities out-of-the-box to solve some of the hardest operational and security challenges, including surfacing high-fidelity insights and establishing a single source of truth for developers, operations, and security teams on a scalable and high-performance platform that aligns investment and cost with business insights.

  • Unified log analytics for DevSecOps: Dev, Sec and Ops teams can ingest all structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and run analytics at unmatched performance with Sumo Logic’s AI-driven log analytics platform. With one place for monitoring and securing applications, teams can break down silos, consolidate tools and expand DevSecOps transformations.

Flex Licensing is available immediately to new Sumo Logic customers and will be made available to existing customers later this year, making it the first-to-market zero-dollar ingest pricing plan.

1Gartner, “Guidance Framework for Deploying Centralized Log Monitoring,” By Andre Bridges Gartner, October 12, 2022. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.


About Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic, Inc. unifies and analyzes enterprise data, translating it into actionable insights through one AI-powered cloud-native log analytics platform. This single source of truth enables Dev, Sec and Ops teams to simplify complexity, collaborate efficiently and accelerate data-driven decisions that drive business value. Customers around the world rely on the Sumo Logic SaaS Log Analytics Platform for trusted insights to ensure application reliability, secure and protect against modern security threats, and gain insights into their cloud infrastructures. For more information, visit

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