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Cloud SOAR: The better way to scale your SecOps processes

Automate real-time threat investigation, incident management and threat response while reducing false positives and analyst fatigue.

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Scale your automated incident response with Cloud SOAR

Say goodbye to alert fatigue and hello to scalable SecOps with Cloud SOAR. Hundreds of pre-built integrations with leading third-party threat intelligence vendors help secure operations and automate incident response.

Advanced triage

Save analysts time and reduce false positives with an automated investigation of indicators of compromise (IoCs) for cyber and non-cyber use cases.

Advanced triage

Case management

Gain a complete, chronological and detailed picture of a specific incident process in the War Room, and enable security analysts to work simultaneously on incidents with granular role-based access control (RBAC) for general and incident profiles. Sumo Logic’s Cloud SOAR takes a proactive approach toward alert investigation, collecting security data and alert information from various sources, including SIEM.

Case management

Automated SOPs for insightful decisions

Orchestrate your security operation center (SOC) team’s security stack and automate time-consuming tasks to improve your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and minimize response time.

Automated SOPs for insightful decisions

Customizable KPI dashboards

Gain complete insight into incident response performance with customizable dashboards, reports and KPIs in your own template. Access advanced reporting with visual dashboards to keep track of your most important KPIs with real-time data on each phase of the incident response life cycle.

Customizable KPI dashboards

Open Integration Framework

Choose from hundreds of out-of-the-box actions and playbooks or ask the Sumo Logic team to develop the connectors you need. Anyone can access the API code to quickly integrate tools without any coding experience required.

Open Integration Framework

Why Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR

The advantage of Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR

Automate time-consuming manual tasks to focus on higher-value tasks with the ultimate integration flexibility. Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR delivers complete SOAR functionality in all cloud environments — private cloud, single cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud.


Cloud-native architecture

Scale your security incident response and investigation. Our SOAR tool provides multi-tenant scaling and elasticity to deliver SOC efficiency for security teams.

Data Tiering

Single, collaborative SOAR platform

Centralize security operations around a single platform for structured incident response with integrated tools


Automate SecOps workflows

Our purpose-built security interface integrates deep search with streamlined workflows for security analysts and SOC managers.


Multi-cloud response

Accelerate timely incident response management with a rich library of customizable playbooks for different threats and use cases of incident response scenarios to respond to security events more quickly.


How does SOAR work?

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) improves Security Operations productivity, enhances incident response time, and uses automation to enable your security team to make quick and insightful decisions by eliminating manual tasks.

What is the difference between SOAR and SIEM?

While SIEM detects a potential security threat, SOAR takes alerts to the next level by beginning to triage and then applying security response processes to investigate IoCs, automatically assigning high-value tasks, escalation and containment decisions to analysts. SOAR extends beyond the use cases of SIEM by offering recommended response processes thanks to its machine learning prowess. SIEM is better at managing vast influxes of data from multiple sources. SOAR can’t replicate the value offered by SIEM and vice versa. Both solutions work best in tandem.

SOAR doesn’t replace SIEM but rather starts where SIEM ends. Both technologies have different strengths, and neither can individually replicate the value these technologies provide. SIEM excels at aggregating large quantities of data, while SOAR is unmatched in improving the productivity of SOCs via machine learning and automation. Learn about Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM.

What can you expect from quality SOAR technology?

A good SOAR solution should provide the following:

  • Faster, more efficient security operations that learn from predictable patterns and experiences with similar security issues to provide a suitable solution for a given threat.

  • Automation of repetitive tasks within a security operations center (SOC).

  • The ability to operate from a single platform that easily integrates with other security tools to orchestrate the incident response workflow efficiently.

  • Recognition of false positives to reduce alert fatigue.

How does Sumo Logic compare to other SOAR solutions?

Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR is an all-in-one platform that automates the entire incident response process, from alert detection to playbook activation, with progressive security automation. In particular, Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR distinguishes itself from other solutions with these key features:

  • Cloud SOAR is a near-no-code solution, and if you have no developers on your team, Sumo Logic adds or modifies any necessary actions.

  • You can choose from hundreds of out-of-the-box actions and playbooks or ask the Sumo Logic team to develop your necessary API connectors.

  • Cloud SOAR is considered the most open SOAR on the market, thanks to the Open Integration Framework.

  • Cloud SOAR includes hundreds of custom case management fields and field properties you can use as placeholders in your incident reports and playbooks containing manual tasks.

  • Our SecOps dashboards and War Room provides a complete and detailed chronological view of an incident on a single page for fast decision-making.

  • A granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) gives access to hundreds of permissions with different authorization levels for different users.

  • The Supervised Active Intelligence engine recommends the right playbooks and uses its machine-learning algorithm to find the most suitable response to an incident.

These unique features combined make Cloud SOAR a state-of-the-art solution in the cybersecurity world and allow clients to maintain safe and effective security operations.

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