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December 22, 2014

Why Sumo Logic for Security and Compliance

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Sumo Logic for Enterprise Security Analytics

Stefan Zier, Chief Architect, Sumo Logic

Time and again, what we saw with on-prem solutions before was the expense to run them and the trouble to run them was so high that people simply gave up.

Effortless Cloud-Based Service: So we wanted to take that burden off of people and make it a cloud service.

Guaranteed Elastic Bursting: Another thing we wanted to solve is that traditional on-prem solutions are mostly limited to one machine and scale to at most one machine. So we wanted to make sure our solution would scale almost infinitely.

The other way we differentiate from other log management solutions is that we strongly believe that our solution should tell you the answer without you having to know the question.

Pattern Recognition with Log Reduce: We have a technology called Log Reduce that can very quickly extract the essence out of a large body of log messages and give you a meaningful breakdown.

Uncover the Unknown with Anomaly Detection: We recently added anomaly detection capabilities that once again, take a large body of logs and finds those unnoble unknowns and lets you categorize them in a meaningful way.

Secure By Design: We had a strong security DNA: both of the founders as well as myself have backgrounds from security companies before, and we knew that was one of the key elements for building a solution like this. So we knew from the get-go that we needed to invest in security and we needed to get this right. There’s never been a version of Sumo Logic, where data was not encrypted, addressed, as well as in transit.

Security Standards (Soc2Type2, HIPAA, US-EU Safe Harbor): Because we’ve invested early on into encryption and clean customer separation, and we’ve built this as a multi-tenant platform from the ground up, it’s been fairly easy for us to comply with several security standards including Soc2, HIPAA, and a number of others.

With our solution, we’ve got a team of experts in house that keeps up with standards on your behalf so that’s work you don’t have to do. Our customers, we think, can really trust our platform with their data and we take their data really seriously.

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