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July 15, 2021 By Girish Bhat

Accelerate hybrid threat protection using Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS

Transform your security with Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Threat Protection

It has been off to the races for the Sumo Logic and AWS teams since the general availability of the Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS solution on June 1, 2021. We are excited for the overwhelming response from customers from across all segments, industries and geographies.

Sumo Logic AWS Partnership

Cyber threats continue to evolve, driving the growing need for organizations to have actionable real-time security intelligence across their multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Ongoing advanced attacks and ransomware have posed new threats and as a result, security and IT leaders need to secure cloud and on-premises assets and applications in order to have full visibility into risky users and malicious activities that negatively impact their business, customers, and brand.

While there is a desire to quickly detect and respond to the highest-priority security issues, not every company has the right tools, workflows, staff and knowledge to detect and conduct effective threat investigations. Instead, they are constrained by siloed legacy security tools that create too many false positives and alerts. Often, organizations are held hostage by legacy tools and tools that claim to be cloud-native to address modern security threats and challenges.

Enter Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS.

Threat Protection for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud using Cloud SIEM

The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM co-developed by AWS is a multi-cloud and hybrid threat protection solution that reduces security blind spots with comprehensive visibility across multi-cloud and on-premises to identify issues before they become incidents, improve security posture, and reduce a customer’s risk profile.

Sumo Logic AWS SIEM

The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS can be used as your first SIEM or to replace your legacy SIEM, cloud-hosted SIEM, security analytics or security management tools so that you can effectively modernize your security operations.

Sumo Logic AWS SIEM

The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS, is built on the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ and includes compliance, security analytics, and Cloud SIEM technologies with out-of-the-box integration with AWS security services, and integrations with cloud-based SaaS and on-premises security services. It provides:

  • Unified security visibility for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures

  • Security monitoring of multi-cloud and on-premises assets and applications

  • Modern security solution that provides meaningful insights

  • Full visibility into risky users and malicious activities that may impact your business and brand

  • Integrated Threat Intelligence that helps accelerate threat detection

  • Reduced time and effort to meet audits for regulations, such as PCI, HIPAA, etc.

Read more about the Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS in this informative write-up by Danilo Poccia, Chief Evangelist, Amazon Web Services.

Our customers continue to adopt Cloud SIEM powered by AWS

Our customers, many of whom are leading technology, financial services, media, government, education, retail, and healthcare organizations quickly realize significant value from our Cloud SIEM.

“By taking a cloud-native approach, Sumo Logic helps streamline our SOC by providing real-time security analytics to automatically detect, respond and address breaches, and accelerate threat hunting while eliminating alert fatigue for our analysts.”
Tony Wilson GM Information Security
Latitude Financial

Get started with Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS

No matter where you are on your security journey, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Learn more about Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM powered by AWS.

Start your Cloud SIEM powered by AWS free trial by visiting AWS Marketplace.

Feel free to reach out to us now or join us at AWS re:Inforce from August 24-25, 2021 to meet our security specialists for face-to-face discussions.

Girish Bhat
Vice President, Sumo Logic

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Girish Bhat

Girish Bhat

VP, Security, Platform Marketing and Competitive Intel

Girish has held leadership roles in Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, Product Management, Competitive and Market Intel, Product Marketing and Marketing at several startups (successful and failed) and brands such as Splunk, Cisco, MobileIron, NetScout.

He has been fortunate to have managed numerous Cloud, Analytics, Monitoring, Security, mobile, ML, virtualization, networking and Open Source solutions across the entire product, GTM and customer lifecycle.

More posts by Girish Bhat.

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