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October 18, 2022 By Michael Riordan

How to track AWS costs with the AWS Cost Explorer app for Sumo Logic

How to track AWS costs with the AWS Cost Explorer app for Sumo Logic

From Sumo Logic’s inception over a decade ago, we made a strategic bet to go all in with Amazon Web Service (AWS). Today, many of our customers rely on Sumo Logic to gain unified visibility into their growing number of AWS services, cut troubleshooting time and unlock comprehensive root cause analysis for complete issue resolution.

As part of our continuous commitment to empower organizations with critical business and IT insights, we’re excited to share that teams can now track their AWS costs with the AWS Cost Explorer app for Sumo Logic, which entered General Availability in September. With this addition, enterprises that already monitor their AWS cloud infrastructure with Sumo Logic can track both performance and usage together within Sumo Logic’s platform.

Cost vs. performance: The eternal tango

The average organization may have 20+ unique AWS services per environment, spanning multiple regions and accounts. This complexity creates not only troubleshooting challenges but also questions for budget owners looking to forecast future costs and achieve budget certainty.

For many IT leaders, managing cost optimization can raise concerns about performance tradeoffs. Do you “over-invest” to improve reliability — or cut costs and risk worse performance at the expense of user experience? How budget owners respond to these challenges and achieve balance between managing cost and performance can impact your customers’ digital customer experiences.

In addition to these concerns, organizations starting their digital transformation and planning their cloud migration to realize greater efficiencies and cost savings need a reliable way to understand their costs while tracking performance.

Enter the AWS Cost Explorer app for Sumo Logic, which lets you gain visibility into usage and cost alongside our platform’s ability to arm you with insights into infrastructure and application performance.

Building budgets with greater confidence

Companies are always looking to do more with less — and in an increasingly volatile economic environment, IT and operations leaders need the ability to forecast costs associated with their infrastructure, tools, services and resources with greater confidence.

To assist with this planning, AWS Cost Explorer lets organizations visualize and track their usage and costs for AWS services at the account, region, and service levels.

By installing the AWS Cost Explorer app for Sumo Logic, you can now access pre-built dashboards that identify the services or regions that are generating your highest costs, alongside cost trends over periods of time. You can track amortized, blended, and unblended costs at monthly or daily granularity. These insights can inform future cost and usage projections.

In addition to accessing the pre-built dashboards, users may build custom queries and dashboards and set up monitors to alert them of unexpected spending.

Early users told us that these capabilities will help them achieve greater budget certainty.

Early users told us that these capabilities will help them achieve greater budget certainty.

“Keeping track of costs and visualizing trends at the account, region and service levels is top of mind for me as an engineering leader,” said Vipul Verma, SVP of Engineering at LambdaTest. “Sumo Logic’s support for AWS Cost Explorer will help us tackle key initiatives like long-term cost optimization and mapping business KPIs to AWS costs.”

Get started today

Are you a Sumo Logic customer interested in managing your AWS costs? ​​Simply create an AWS Cost Explorer collector source, and then install the AWS Cost Explorer app for Sumo Logic to take advantage of our pre-built dashboards.

If you’re new to Sumo Logic and want to begin monitoring your infrastructure, click here to give our platform a try.

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Michael Riordan

Michael Riordan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Michael is a member of the Observability Product Marketing team at Sumo Logic. Before Sumo Logic, he worked as a PMM at forward-looking technology companies Axon and Fastly. When he's not working with sellers and product managers, Michael enjoys watching reality TV and collecting vintage clothes.

More posts by Michael Riordan.

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