Top Reasons Why You Should Get Sumo Logic Certified, Now!
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Top Reasons Why You Should Get Sumo Logic Certified, Now!

Sumo Logic Certification Program: What Is It and Why?

“Don’t just learn it, master it and receive the recognition you deserve. Your willingness to embrace new technologies will not go unnoticed. Verify your skills and unlock your opportunities — Mario Sanchez, Sumo Logic.”

Sumo Logic’s multi-level certification program provides its more than 50,000 users with the knowledge, skills and competencies to harness the power of machine data analytics and maximize investments in the Sumo Logic platform. So far, more than 2000 certifications have been obtained across more than 450 organizations.

Impressive, right? But why should you get certified?

Sumo Logic ‘Certified Users’ are individuals with proven Sumo Logic expertise. Our certifications recognize professionals like you with the skills and knowledge needed to analyze your machine data, while helping you advance in your careers.

These certifications help you:

  • Increase the value of your skills by learning how to convert machine data into continuous Intelligence.
  • Advance your career by demonstrating your knowledge and standing out in the crowd with hiring managers.
  • Join the Community and share your expertise while learning from your peers.

Four Certification Levels Designed for Your Needs

The Sumo Logic certification program includes four levels of certification and are based on the level of usage and expertise with the Sumo Logic platform. Specifically:

Sumo Pro User – Sumo Pro Users possess broad knowledge about analyzing logs and metrics, and have familiarity with the Sumo Logic service related to simple data searching, filtering, parsing and analyzing. Taking advantage of Sumo Logic Apps, Certified Sumo Pro Users can quickly and easily get up and running using the out-of-the-box content to start monitoring their data, identifying trends and staying on top of their critical events.

Sumo Power User – Sumo Power Users possess deep technical knowledge on how to analyze and correlate their logs and metrics to easily identify those critical events that are important to the organization. In addition to taking advantage of out-of-the-box content, Certified Sumo Power Users can build dashboards and alerts for their custom apps, unlocking the power of Sumo Logic to analyze, measure and monitor the overall health of their environments.

Sumo Power Admin – Sumo Power Admins possess deep technical knowledge on how to set up, manage and optimize their Sumo Logic solution. In addition to securing and and managing their Sumo Logic environment, Certified Sumo Power Admins can design and deploy a data collection strategy that fits their infrastructure. Keeping an eye on the pulse, Sumo Power Admins can also optimize data querying to fit their searching patterns.

Sumo Security Power User – With security threats on the rise, users will learn how Sumo Logic’s threat intelligence capabilities can help them stay on top of their environment by matching IOCs like IP addresses, domain names, URLs, email addresses, MD5 hashes and more, to increase the velocity and accuracy of threat detection and strengthen overall security posture.

Security Certification: The New Kid on the Block

In September, we will launch our newest Sumo Security User certification, which will be available to all Sumo Logic users as part of Sumo Logic’s upcoming Illuminate user conference, taking place Sept. 12-13, 2018 in Burlingame, CA.

“The threat landscape is only growing bigger by the day. We’re very excited to launch our new Sumo Security User certification to give users the hands-on knowledge to adapt and accelerate the cloud, application and digital transformation transitions that characterize modernizing IT.” — Dean Thomas, VP of customer success, Sumo Logic

A recent survey indicates 80 percent of enterprises are frustrated with outdated security tools and are looking for new security solutions to help with transitions to the cloud, modern application architectures, and with overall digital transformation. A significant number of customers are using Sumo Logic’s cloud-native security analytics solution to solve problems legacy security tools have failed to address.

The new Sumo Security User certification will help users learn how to leverage Sumo Logic’s centralized security monitoring, threat detection, correlation and alert investigation capabilities across all the phases of the security operations workflow to enable DevSecOps in the cloud.

What Are you Waiting For? Get Certified!

The best part is that getting certified is within arms reach. Certifications are free, and if you are already a Sumo Logic user, certification exams are available right in your Sumo Logic environment. Simply go to your Home tab, and click on Certification.

If you are not yet a Sumo Logic user, you can sign up for a free here!

Each certification shows you how to prepare for the exam. Usually this is a combination of a lecture and some hands-on labs or tutorials.

How to Learn More & Get Involved

  • Join any of our monthly webinars that combine virtual learning with self-paced labs
  • Attend any of our Cert Jams held in major cities around the world
  • Join us at Illuminate. In addition to certifications you’ll have access to a variety of Sumo Logic experts, opportunities to network with peers and partners as well as hear first-hand use cases from some of our most valued Sumo Logic customers. Register today!

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