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Anomaly Detection

The Machine Data Analytics Challenge

Machine data holds the answers to the health, performance, and security of an organization’s application, operations, and business infrastructure.  However, with the explosive growth in machine data being generated, organizations today cannot keep up.  Traditional security and log management tools, which presuppose knowledge of the data and force users to write pre-defined rules, are failing.  Given the variety of data types being generated, as well as the volume and velocity at which data is generated, human generated rules and reports are able to extract only a fraction of the insights hidden in massive amounts of machine data.

In order to fully extract value from machine data, organizations need a solution that is capable of generating insight from data beyond the human limitation of knowing what to ask. 

Based on the patent-pending LogReduce™ technology, Anomaly Detection is the only offering to combine the best of machine learning, statistical analysis, and human knowledge to instantly generate insights from machine data.  Anomaly Detection is the industry’s first solution to combine Big Data predictive and investigative capabilities to automatically address issues before problems arise.

Below is a quick snapshot of what customers can do in Sumo Logic with Anomaly Detection:

  • Instantly detect anomalies across the entire applications and operations infrastructure
  • Provide user feedback to turn anomalies into known events for reference in an event database
  • Visually identify and track anomalies through an event console
  • Leverage LogReduce to rapidly investigate and identify the root cause of anomalous events
  • Set alerts for whenever an important event appears

Sumo Logic Anomaly Detection

Sumo Logic Anomaly Detection is a capability that leverages machine learning to enable enterprises to extend beyond the human limitation of pre-defined rules and reports.  Using advanced algorithms, Anomaly Detection automatically detects anomalies in streams of machine data and then assembles these anomalies into events.  By identifying and investigating these unknown events, enterprises can generate previously undiscoverable insights across their entire IT infrastructure.

The Sumo Logic Advantage

To solve the machine data analytics challenge, Sumo Logic has developed the first true next-generation machine data analytics solution, delivered as a cloud-based service. With this approach, Sumo Logic is fundamentally redefining the process by which IT and business harness the value of machine data.

Customers using the Sumo Logic service benefit from a number of unique capabilities:

Operational Ease

Sumo Logic can be deployed in as little as 15 minutes, with zero operational overhead.  As a cloud-based service, Sumo Logic handles all operational burden, reducing Total Cost of Ownership as well as freeing up customers’ resources to focus on critical business and IT issues.

Big Data Scalability

Sumo Logic’s patented Elastic Log Processing™ is the first and only petabyte-scale indexing and analysis engine designed specifically for Big Data. Sumo Logic delivers superior scalability where on-premise solutions fail.

Advanced Analytics

Through patent-pending LogReduce™ and Anomaly Detection technologies, Sumo Logic proactively discovers behaviors and patterns hidden in massive amounts of machine data and alerts customers in real-time, delivering both IT value and business insight.

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  • Perpetual usage: Sumo Free is perpetually free for up to 3 users, and offers the ability to send 500MB of data per day and retain for 7 days (total 3.5GB of data). To send additional data, add more users, or retain data for a longer period of time, easily upgrade to our enterprise version.

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