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December 14, 2022 By Megan Bouhamama and Zoe Hawkins

2022 Sumo Logic blog highlights, curated just for you

2022 Sumo Logic blog highlights - header

Is it even the end of the year without a round-up of what happened? In 2022 we shared close to one hundred stories, announcements and unique perspectives in our blog. The pieces highlighted here — and grouped according to Sumo Logic core values — include stories that impacted our business and the industry at large. But they only scratch the surface of what is there.

As 2022 comes to a close, we encourage you to read our blog! Enjoy best practices, how-tos, shared learnings, career journeys, ideas for connection beyond work, new product features, thoughts on the industry and technology insights. Catchup on pieces you missed, rediscover new and old ideas or scroll through the pages and marvel at how another year has passed.

We’re in it with our customers

Our customers are the stars in our books, doing the work of building and securing the world’s digital experiences. During the year, we released numerous case studies, all of which you can read in our customer stories. Sometimes, they also have unique stories and experiences to share in our blog.

Digital transformation is about more than “just” technology. It requires culture shifts internally as teams adopt a wide range of DevOps principles. Michael Basil of SAP shared how SAP built a Dojo Community of Practice to support a cultural shift to DevOps.

At our Illuminate conference, CISOs from AWS and Dolby highlighted a wide range of challenges and opportunities when it came to securing modern applications.

One of our favorite customer panel conversations was about taking DevSecOps to the next level — and trying to understand where teams are on their DevSecOps journey.

Some of our customer-related and customer-authored blogs in 2022:

Bring light to dark

We talk about transparency producing better decisions and removing uncertainty, but this is particularly vital with security. The world of cybersecurity often seems obfuscated and unclear. Even security tools can get confusing — when do you need security information and event management (SIEM) or security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR)? In this thorough yet accessible piece on SOAR vs SIEM, you can understand the core similarities and differences between these tools to make the best decisions for your modern SOC.

Security always lags behind innovation. That’s why end-to-end visibility is critical to secure your apps in a serverless world. What also lags behind innovation? Your AWS bill! With our AWS Cost Explorer app, we hope to eliminate billing surprises and bring light to the darkness of those costs.

But this is only part of a collaborative effort to centralize and consolidate everything you need onto a single pane of glass. Some other 2022 blogs bringing dark to light in the technical realm:

One single agenda

Success at work is a team sport where everyone needs to drive toward the same goal together. Using a single platform approach means that you can ensure that all your tools align to support critical, cross-functional objectives. As market trends progressed this year, it was clear that there would be pressure to reduce the clutter and streamline tools, which is why our tool consolidation best practices are so helpful.

Making decisions with data can also help unify teams and organizations. The future of work is always a popular topic. Using the Sumo Logic platform, our team could “drink our own champagne,” work cross functionally from the same data and make decisions around return to the office.

Some of our 2022 blogs (and technology!) helping teams get on the same page:

Learning culture

Led by our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and other employee-led initiatives, we were proud to learn and grow together this year. We hosted numerous workshops and seminars and sometimes even blogged about them. From sustainability to pride, AAPI to women in STEM, our conversations and activities helped our global community learn and grow.

One of the most important places to learn, connect and engage with experts in our space is at events. When the team went to Monitorama, there were so many takeaways that we had to share two articles about the trends and experiences and best talks and thought leadership!

Links to some of our-culture-based blogs:

Work with heart

We celebrated our IPO in 2020, but COVID precautions meant we didn’t go to New York to ring the bell. Our two-year anniversary served as an ideal opportunity to make the trip to Nasdaq to open trading and for our CEO, Ramin Sayar, to reflect on the Sumo Logic journey. Our IPO is part of our history as we build our vision to make the world’s digital services reliable and secure.

The Sumo Logic team has lots of heart, exhibited by our wide range of contributors who wrote their first blogs in 2022. We were also thrilled to highlight nine Sumos with their very own spotlight blogs, and many more were involved in creating the incredible stories we told over the course of the year.

Thank you to our contributors!

We send a heartfelt thank you to our authors (including Sumos, customers and partners). Where would we be without the 50+ writers who fill our pages? In addition to our authors, we simply must take this opportunity to thank all our incredible contributors, including tech reviewers, editors, designers and everyone who answered our request for a ‘quick question.' You created an amazing year in words and images.

If you’ve made it this far, here are even more links for you to some of our most popular blogs released this year:

Thank you for reading our blog this year. Be sure to keep up to date with our new articles.

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Megan Bouhamama and Zoe Hawkins

VP of Global Integrated Campaigns | Principal Content Manager

More posts by Megan Bouhamama and Zoe Hawkins.

More posts by Megan Bouhamama and Zoe Hawkins.

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