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AWS Monitoring & Analytics

AWS Monitoring with Sumo Logic

Turn AWS data into actionable insights—aggregate all your Amazon Web Services data and metrics, then drill down to troubleshoot and optimize performance.

Gain AWS operational and security visibility—visualize and monitor workloads, latency, and availability in real time, and correlate performance with costs.

Strengthen security and compliance—generate audit trails, monitor user access, platform configurations, and changes across workloads.

Get started for free!—use Sumo Logic for free for 30 days, and indefinitely, until you need to analyze more than 500 MB/day.

AWS Monitoring with Sumo Logic

How Sumo Logic Works

Sumo Logic simplifies how you collect and analyze AWS log data, and lets you monitor and troubleshoot your AWS applications in real time. With our cloud-native analytics platform, you simply log in, select a data collector app from our library, and you’re ready to analyze the data source of your choice. And you can do all this for free!

Your Sumo Logic Free Trial (no credit card required) gives you:

  • Data collection from any source
  • Preconfigured searches & dashboards—for Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), AWS Config, ELB (Elastic Load Balancing), Lambda, CloudFront, CloudTrail, VPC, Kinesis Firehose, and over 100 other data sources
  • Advanced log analytics, outlier detection, real-time alerts
  • Free support—Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PST
How Sumo Logic Works

Why Sumo Logic?

Sumo Logic is the best solution for AWS application and infrastructure monitoring. Unlike the competition, we provide…

Data driven insights for AWS infrastructure

“The rich visibility and data insights we were able to glean from dashboards across our applications and AWS infrastructure was unbelievable and second to none with other solutions we evaluated.”


Petri Autero

Lead Architect