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New: Webhook Alerts for Scheduled Searches - Quickly Enable Integration to Slack, PagerDuty, Datadog, and others!

Hello world! Today, we're excited to announce the new Webhook alert type in Sumo Logic. This new feature will allow you to easily fire off alerts from Sumo Logic Scheduled Searches into a variety of third-party tools such a Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps, and Datadog. Webhooks can also enable easy integration to your own custom app or unlock a variety of use cases via third-party integration frameworks like IFTTT and Zapier as well. Setting up a new Webhook integration is easy: The first step is to create a new Connection to a third-party system under Manage->Connections in the UI. (Note: this is an Admin function.) In addition to ServiceNow for ticketing, you'll now see a generic Webhook alert type, as well as starter templates for Slack, Datadog, and PagerDuty. Next, the Connection will allow you to provide a few simple fields to enable the Webhook. After entering the Name and Description and target URL details, the key piece to get right is the JSON Payload. This field allows you to construct a JSON object in the format expected by the target webhook system. The payload can also be parameterized with variables with specific information about the search itself such as Name, Description, Fire time, Number of results, etc. That's it! Once the new connection is created, it can be used by Sumo users for alerting within their scheduled searches: The new feature is available in your account today! I'd love to hear about any interesting use cases you've enabled, so please feel free to send feedback directly to or via our Support system. Happy integration! Sahir Director, Product Management Sumo Logic

October 5, 2015


Monitoring and Analytics With the New Sumo Logic Docker App

Hello world! Today at Dockercon SF, we’re excited to announce GA availability of the Sumo Logic Application for Docker! We’ve heard from many customers that comprehensive out-of-the-box visibility and analytics capabilities for Docker are an important part of effectively managing modern containerized applications. In order to help our customers troubleshoot and monitor their growing Docker infrastructures we’ve created a Docker App which provides: Out of box real-time Dashboards and searches to help monitor Docker stats and events Visualizations of key metrics and KPIs, including image usage, container actions and faults Ability to troubleshoot issues and set alerts on abnormal container or application behavior Ability to easily create custom and aggregate KPIs and metrics using Sumo Logic’s advanced query language Advanced analytics powered by LogReduce™, Anomaly Detection, Transaction Analytics, and Outlier Detection The app is available now in the Sumo Logic Application Library. Sign up for a free trial to try it out now! Some additional resources to check out: Sumo Logic CTO Christian Beedgen’s latest Docker musings Docker Logging Drivers For information on Docker Events, see: For information on Docker Container statistics based on resource usage, see: As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. And for those of you at Dockercon in San Francisco today and tomorrow, stop by the Sumo Logic booth to grab a Sumo squishy! Signing off, Sahir Azam Sumo Logic Product Management @sumo_sahir