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Monitoring Security Compliance

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Reduce the time to identify and troubleshoot operations and security issues with real-time unified alerts, dashboards and correlations

Unified Platform

Eliminate data silos

Unified logs, metrics, and traces across AWS and more allows Product, Dev, Security and Ops teams to troubleshoot unknown-unknowns and resolve issues faster, together


Reduce troubleshooting time

Granular logs and metrics through Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail services are enriched by Sumo Logic making it easier to navigate and troubleshoot issues faster

Alert And Notify

Reduce alert noise by 50%

Automatically correlate AWS CloudWatch metrics with relevant logs to deliver the context needed around important issues

Detect Insider Threats

Safeguard player sensitive data

Improve security posture combining AWS’ threat detection with Sumo Logic fast forensic analysis and security alert correlation. Automate compliance to meet PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR requirements and audits

“AWS and Sumo Logic have both been wonderful partners for us. We’re able to mitigate risks and solve problems that have an impact across the business.”

The Pokémon Company International


Director of information security and data protection

Scalability without overspending

Cut down on cost overrun

Games are bursty with highly unpredictable data ingest requirements that often produce terabytes of log data in short periods. Sumo Logic's licensing doesn't force you to over-provision or penalize you when games increase adoption and generate larger amounts of log and metrics data.

Cut down on cost overrun

Innovate at the speed players demand

Robust CI/CD pipeline to support rapid software release cycles. In many cases, developers end up monitoring and troubleshooting the CI/CD pipeline themselves, taking time away from working on critical revenue-driving game features and releases. Sumo Logic correlates data across the CI/CD pipeline enabling organizations to optimize their software development cycle, eliminate quality issues due to missed errors, and reduce downtime in the pipeline.

Innovate at the speed players demand

Reduce troubleshooting time by 5x with a simplified setup, automated data tagging, and out of the box content

Sumo Logic’s AWS Observability solution automatically discovers AWS hierarchy, configures data collection and metadata enrichment, and installs 40+ dashboards for the most common services customers build applications on (Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, etc.) in just a few minutes.

Reduce troubleshooting time by 5x with a simplified setup, automated data tagging, and out of the box content

AWS Observability is key for games’ reliability

AWS and Sumo Logic provide the availability, performance and security your players demand

Monitoring Security Compliance