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AWS CloudTrail Log Analyzer

Gain A Deep Understanding of Your AWS Logs

Feed your AWS CloudTrail data into the Sumo Logic service to track and monitor your AWS infrastructure for operational and security insights. Within minutes, receive real-time alerts on suspicious user activity, changes to your infrastructure such as new virtual servers installed or shut down, security and network ACL changes. Analyze the effects of these changes on the performance and availability of your applications and infrastructure. Share all or relevant dashboards with your internal security teams to streamline audit processes.



With the Sumo Logic application for AWS CloudTrail, organizations can:

  • Investigate user behavior patterns such as monitoring geo location and all admin/user activity
  • Monitor platform configuration changes such as new VM configurations, ACL changes etc.
  • Track and correlate AWS CloudTrail data with other AWS data sets for complete security and operational insights
  • View account settings, usage and billing status for all your AWS services


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