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Content Delivery Networks such as Fastly CDN enable enterprises to obtain a global infrastructure footprint and thus locate apps and websites near their end users. Fastly serves significant amount of traffic on behalf of their customers, and they also enable those customers to obtain detailed logs in real-time about that traffic through Fastly’s edge cloud platform. With this data set and the Sumo Logic Application for Fastly, customers can now analyze and correlate Fastly data with their origin data in order to improve availability and performance of applications, improve end-user experience, gain deeper user insights, and enforce rigorous security controls.

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With the Sumo Logic Application for Fastly, you can:

  • Deliver real-user insights, improve quality of service, reduce errors and downtime, improve security posture through deeper understanding of edge events, and much more.
  • Correlate Fastly data sets with origin and other internal data sets to measure the business impact of CDN performance and quality of service.
  • Improve your security and operations posture by monitoring bot traffic, and identifying anomalies in user and request patterns


Fastly Origin Performance


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“Sumo Logic has allowed McGraw-Hill Education to move to AWS with confidence, enable real-time visibility across the entire stack, all at reduced TCO.”

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