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Gauge the Health of Releases

Anticipate potential volatility and get indicators that your release may be at risk.

Visualize Team Productivity

Showcase your organization’s GitHub usage and highlight patterns in user behavior.

Secure Intellectual Property

See where your organization’s intellectual property resides and who has access.


Release Management

Anticipate Risky Releases – Utilize pre-defined dashboards to help release managers gauge the health of their release and anticipate potential volatility or risk. Indicators of a risky release include:

  • Large volume of files committed, lines changed just before a release.
  • Large number of PRs opened and left unattended right before a release.
  • Large number of reopened issues.
  • Significant changes in the branches of specific projects.

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Team Productivity

Define and track a team or individual’s productivity then view productivity indicators using out-of-the-box dashboards. View:

  • Number of commits, pull requests, issues. Dashboards can be filtered by team or per individual.
  • Comment activity: Code reviews are often conducted by reviewing commit comments. Comments can also be considered a technical contribution.
  • Impact of a pull request: Dashboards show the number of both files and lines added or deleted.

The Github App is available under the Preview Tab in the Sumo Logic web app.

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Secure Intellectual Property

Create usage baselines – Security teams today do not have visibility into what is considered “normal” access and usage. The GitHub App dashboards can provide the trends needed to identify patterns and create a baseline of what’s “normal.” Use the App for Github to:

Monitor and quickly identify potential security breaches.
Get an overview of where your organization’s intellectual property resides and who has access to that IP.

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