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June 6, 2017 By Brian Goleno

Journey to the Cloud, with Pivotal and Sumo Logic

There is no denying it – the digital business transformation movement is real, and the time for this transformation is now. When, according to survey from Bain & Company, 48 of 50 Fortune Global companies have publicly announced plans to adopt public cloud, it is clear that there are no industries immune from this disruption. We are seeing traditional industries such as insurance, banking, and healthcare carving out labs and incubators that bring innovative solutions to market, and establish processes and platforms to help the rest of the organization with their evolution.

For large enterprises it is critical that they manage the challenges of moving to public cloud, while satisfying the needs of a diverse set of internal customers. They need to support a variety of development languages, multiple deployment tool chains, and a mix of data centers and multiple public cloud vendors. Because these are long term strategies that involve considerable investment, they are concerned about long-term vendor lock-in, and are being proactive about developing strategies to mitigate those risks.

These organizations are looking toward cloud-neutral commercial vendors to help them migrate to the cloud, and have consistency in how they deploy and manage their applications across heterogeneous environments. These enterprises are increasingly turning to Pivotal Cloud Foundry® to help them abstract their app deployments from the deployment specifics of individual cloud platforms, and maintain their ability to move apps and workloads across cloud providers when the time comes.

Effective DevOps Analytics for the Modern Application

The migration of enterprise workloads to the cloud, and the rise of public cloud competition, is driving the demand for Sumo Logic as a cloud-native platform for monitoring and securing modern applications. Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables users to abstract the underlying plumbing necessary to deploy, manage and scale containerized cloud native applications. This benefits developers by greatly increasing their productivity and ability to launch applications quickly.

Such an environment also exposes a broader set of operational and security constructs that are useful to track, log and analyze. However it can also be more complicated to diagnose performance issues with decoupled architectures and composable micro-services. Full stack observability and the ability to trace all the apps and services together are critical to successful cloud deployments. Observability of decoupled architectures with composable services requires the ability to trace all layers of the stack With Pivotal Cloud Foundry and tools from Sumo Logic, an organization can have an observable, enterprise-class platform for application delivery, operations, and support across multiple public cloud providers and on-premises data centers.

Beyond platform operations, Cloud Foundry customers want to enable their app teams to be self sufficient, and promote an agile culture of DevOps. Often, with legacy monitoring and analytics tools, the operations team will have access to the data, but they can’t scale to support the application teams. Or, the apps team may restrict access to their sensitive data, and therefore not support the needs of the security and compliance team. Sumo Logic believes in democratized analytics. This means that this massive flow of highly valuable data, from across the stack and cloud providers, should be available to everyone that can benefit from it. This requires the right level of scale, security, ubiquity of access, and economics that only Sumo Logic can provide.

Sumo Logic & Pivotal Cloud Foundry Partnership

Through our collaboration with Pivotal®, Sumo Logic has developed an app for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, as well as an easy-to-deploy integration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry Loggregator. A customer ready Beta of the “Sumo Logic Nozzle for PCF”, is available now as an Operations Manager Tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, available for download in BETA from Pivotal Network.

Sumo Logic Tile Installed in the PCF Ops Manager

If you are already using or evaluating Pivotal Cloud Foundry you can get started with operational and security analytics in a manner of minutes. With this integration, all of the log and metrics data collated by Cloud Foundry Loggregator will be streamed securely to the Sumo Logic Platform. For deployments with security and compliance requirements, Sumo Logic’s cloud-based service is SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI-compliant. The Sumo Logic integration for Pivotal Cloud Foundry will be available in the App Library soon. If you would like early access, please contact your account team.

Sumo Logic App for Pivotal Cloud Foundry highlight key Pivotal data and KPI’s

The Sumo Logic App for Pivotal Cloud Foundry highlights key Pivotal data and KPIs. Sumo Logic’s App for Cloud Foundry operationalizes Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s monitoring best practices for you, and provides a platform for you to build upon to address your unique monitoring and diagnostic requirements.

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