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February 6, 2014 By Sanjay Sarathy

"Hosting Software is For Suckers" and Other Customer Observations

It has been an extremely productive start to 2014 at Sumo Logic. Over the past few weeks I've talked with a number of customers about their current and planned use of Sumo Logic. From these conversations three distinct patterns have emerged around the core value of what we provide which I'd like to share.

Scale. With workloads increasingly moving to the Cloud, the rapid growth of mobile applications and the speed with which companies can add and remove computing capacity, dynamism is the word of the day. Customers who are going through significant architectural changes and have chosen Sumo Logic often talk positively about the concept of scale with us. This refers to more than just our ability to scale with their data growth. It also refers to how customers use Sumo Logic to scale their machine data analytics *without* having to scale their operational overhead. A customer once said, "hosting software is for suckers", and I have to agree.

Time to Value. Every customer wishes to minimize time figuring out what's relevant in their data sets. Customers love our advanced analytics and how it enables them to be more proactive with their IT and security environments. Just as important to them as our LogReduce and Anomaly Detection capabilities is our ability to shorten the front end of the process - the ability to instantly query large amounts of log data based on very rapid collection and indexing. Their ability to get to production with Sumo Logic in a day or less is a huge win for them and drives immediate business value. No longer do companies have to spend weeks or months configuring an environment to start a project.

Content is King. We've spent a lot of time over the past months releasing new application content that support a multitude of use cases, from IT Ops to Security. Included on this list are apps for Akamai, AWS CloudTrail, Palo Alto Networks and even a QuickStart application for newbies to log management. The customer response has been extremely positive - the ability to easily incorporate knowledge about these data sources and generate additional business insights has significantly helped with the previous point around creating rapid business value. These apps combined with our recently launched content library are just the beginning to the machine data economy that is built around sharing insights and communal knowledge.

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