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August 1, 2022 By Michael Baldani

Get better visibility into DevOps performance in one place with Atlassian integrations

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Every company is a software company and every company wants to get better at it. That’s why Sumo Logic built a set of integrations with Atlassian DevOps solutions. Leveraging data from Atlassian, Sumo Logic now enables you to visualize the key, actionable insights behind the DevOps Research Assessment (DORA) metrics to continuously improve your software delivery performance.

Sumo Logic’s observability platform presenting Atlassian data brings the following benefits, to name a few:

  1. Performance benchmarking - Benchmark performance against the industry-leading DORA metrics and drill down into actionable insights to improve software delivery performance
  2. Continuous feedback - Leveraging data from Atlassian, Sumo Logic enables users to visualize the key, actionable insights behind these metrics to continuously improve their capabilities and performance
  3. Insights in minutes - Data from Jira, Bitbucket and Opsgenie webhooks is automatically correlated in Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence platform and is deployed in minutes via Terraform

Using Jira or Bitbucket or Opsgenie alone - no problem

We are happy to announce that Atlassian customers using their popular DevOps tools Jira, Bitbucket and Opsgenie, can include their tool’s data into Sumo Logic’s Observability platform to generate deeper insights into their planning process, builds, deploys and alerts. Previous to these integrations, you could only integrate this data by manually building the data normalization rules for those tools. With these new supported integrations, the data normalization process is available out of the box.

With the Jira integration, you can have visibility into the planning and progression of your software development projects. You’ll have an overview of activity in Jira with metrics related to issues, regressions and sprints, in order to quickly identify projects that need your attention as well as work being blocked that could delay your software delivery timeline.

The Bitbucket integration gives you insights into the health of builds, deployments, and more to quickly understand which teams and processes need help to increase velocity and quality. By correlating data across build and deploy processes, you’ll get a view into issues by repository, pull request, build and deployment status. Dashboards provide insights into how various Bitbucket components are being used, while drill-downs give details into specific builds, deploys and commit events.

Sumo Logic automatically integrates with Opsgenie data to give you a visual reference of alerts that can be broken down by source, team priority, and assignee. Monitor critical KPIs, track trends for specific alert types and identify any spikes or unusual behavior in your DevOps environment. You get real-time monitoring and alerts to reduce mean time to resolution and improve reliability.

Go to the Sumo Logic apps page on the Atlassian Marketplace to try these free integrations. You’ll not only have better visibility into how your teams are performing in DevOps, but also include application observability into your software development process to ensure your applications are providing a great user experience.

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Michael Baldani

Michael Baldani

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Mike Baldani is a senior product marketing manager for Observability at Sumo Logic. He has spent the last 20 years marketing software and SaaS solutions that help developers and SREs overcome the challenges they face in their daily roles.

More posts by Michael Baldani.

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