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June 27, 2018 By Ben Newton

DevOps Redemption: Don't Let Outdated Data Analytics Tools Slow You Down

You know what's not fun for DevOps engineers? Manually investigating and troubleshooting issues within their applications. It's also no longer feasible in today's highly complex and fast moving IT landscape. Gone are the days of using legacy on-premises tools for modern applications and infrastructures because they simply aren't compatible. You need a log analytics solution that is flexible, cloud-native and scalable for your specific team and organizational needs. If you don't want to take our word for it, take Diana's! Check out our latest video to hear her story. And if you want to learn more about how Sumo Logic is uniquely positioned to offer DevOps teams the right tools and keep their end users happy, visit our website or sign up for Sumo Logic for free here.

Video Transcription

Hey! I’m Diana, and I’m a senior site reliability engineer.

You might look at me and think I have always been this stress-free.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I used to use analytics software made by old school companies that think Docker is a clothing brand. Those tools didn’t integrate well with the latest tech my developers are using.

This meant my team and I were having to manually investigate issues and we just couldn’t keep up.

And because we took forever to resolve issues with our application, our customers were having an awful experience.

Even our victories were short lived...

Just last year we had a hugely successful marketing campaign where our sign ups increased by 5x.

And guess what? It was a disaster! We missed serious problems with our application because our log analytics tool shut us out when we went over our daily limit.

We couldn’t troubleshoot the issues in time, and we lost hundreds of those new customers.

It was a nightmare! But then… I found Sumo Logic...

Don’t worry. I’m not going to feed you any marketing speak. Sumo Logic gets it. They are an actual SaaS platform.

Not some archaic, on-premise tool posing as something modern.

Sumo Logic makes it easy for me to get all of the application data — logs and performance metrics — in from the components and tools we rely on — AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, application logs and performance metrics — everything!

We get useful alerts on Slack and Pagerduty, and we are able to quickly investigate and solve customer issues.

We went from hours of downtime to minutes.

On top of that, we are spending 30 percent less on Sumo Logic because we got rid of a couple of tools. And we never have to worry about being shut out of our tool when we exceed our limits.

That’s why I became an engineer, not to waste my time on outdated tools that don’t support what we were trying to do.

So get off your butt and check out Sumo Logic.

You won’t regret it!

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Ben Newton

Ben Newton

Ben is a veteran of the IT Operations market, with a two decade career across large and small companies like Loudcloud, BladeLogic, Northrop Grumman, EDS, and BMC. Ben got to do DevOps before DevOps was cool, working with government agencies and major commercial brands to be more agile and move faster. More recently, Ben spent 5 years in product management at Sumo Logic, and is now running product marketing for Operations Analytics at Sumo Logic. His latest project, Masters of Data, has let him combine his love of podcasts and music with his love of good conversations.

More posts by Ben Newton.

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