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August 23, 2016 By Sheel Choksi

Sending JMX Metrics to Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics

This is a brief excerpt of how Mayvenn started sending JMX metrics to Sumo Logic Unified Logs and Metrics solution. For the full blog post please visit Mayvenn’s engineering blog.

We’ve been using Sumo Logic for logs and were excited to have one tool and dashboard to visualize logs and metrics! In order to wire this up, we decided to use jmxtrans to regularly pipe the JMX metrics we query with Graphite formatted output to the new Sumo Logic collectors. These collectors can essentially be thought of a hosted version of Graphite.

Step 1: Upgrade/Install Sumo Logic Collectors

There’s a lot of guides out there on this one, but just in case you have existing collectors, they do need to be updated to have the new Graphite source.

Step 2: Add a Graphite Source for the Collector

This step can either be done in the Sumo Logic dashboard or through a local file for the collector that configures the sources. Either way, you will need to decide what port to run the collector on and whether to use TCP or UDP. For our purposes, the standard port of 2003 is sufficient and we don’t have an extremely high volume of metrics with network/CPU concerns to justify UDP.

For configuring this source in the dashboard, the Sumo Logic guide to adding a Graphite source does a pretty thorough walkthrough. To summarize, though, the steps are pretty simple: go to to the collector management page, select the relevant collector, click add source, choose the Graphite source and configure it with the port and TCP/UDP choices. This method is certainly fast to just try out Sumo Logic metrics.

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Sheel Choksi

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