“Now, our entire development team has real-time access and can get instant visibility into what’s going on within our environment at any time.”

Michael Ridgway, Director of Engineering for Ryvuss


  • Australia


  • 450 employees

carsales drives confidently towards the cloud with real-time insights from Sumo Logic Ltd (carsales) is Australia’s leading automotive classifieds website, servicing the private consumer space and over 6,000 dealers in Australia across multiple verticals. Based in Melbourne and with a team of over 450 staff, their mission is to connect buyers and sellers via a range of platforms and user-friendly products throughout their network of sites. Every month, the carsales website welcomes over 6 million unique visitors, processes over 450 million searches and serves over 12.5 billion image downloads.

With operations across the Asia Pacific region, carsales is creating a strong presence abroad by investing in other players in automotive industries in Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

  • Challenge


    Transitioning from a traditional datacenter to the cloud, carsales was looking for a SaaS-based solution that would provide instant visibility into the health of applications in order to detect potential issues before they happen and ultimately reduce the impact to users.

  • Results


    Greater transparency has resulted in greater ownership over quality. Proactive resolution of issues which may have otherwise not been detected

  • Solution


    carsales uses Sumo Logic’s cloud-native data analytics platform to gain full stack visibility and real-time insights into the status of their applications, as well as greatly benefits from its simple log querying and aggregation functions, customizable dashboards and reporting and alerting capabilities.

As a growing enterprise, carsales has long been looking to transition from a legacy data center to the cloud.

After evaluating other potential options, carsales chose Sumo Logic, a cloud-native data analytics service that delivers continuous intelligence to enable organizations to monitor the service delivery and performance of their infrastructure to ensure services are available and performing at the highest levels that serve the business and its customers.

In just under three weeks, carsales deployed Sumo Logic to monitor over 100 servers and, within minutes, teams were able to configure log alerts and create visual dashboards and see trending metrics, in real-time. Using Analytics to Gain Full Stack Visibility and Boost Efficiency Using Sumo Logic, carsales has gained operational visibility across their entire infrastructure stack and obtained new insights into application health and performance. Sumo Logic has also resulted in some significant operational efficiencies for the carsales team. Previously, finding someone with production access to obtain and retrieve the correct logs was time consuming. Now, any developer can access logs across the entire system within seconds and use Sumo Logic’s query language to analyze and easily drill down to find the source of any problem.

With constant monitoring, the development team now has greater ownership over quality, and having real-time insights at their fingertips, feel empowered to use data to highlight the impact of business decisions to senior management.