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May 7, 2017 By Sumo Logic

Docker Security: What You Need to Know

Developers, operators, and enterprises are swarming to Docker for the agility it offers them in app development and delivery. Computing efficiency, cross-platform compatibility, and suitability to quicker release cycles are all factors that draw new fans to the Docker platform.

In the area of security, however, Docker containers are not without their challenges.

Security is a serious issue when it comes to Docker containers, including some unique challenges related to the ways they operate. By default, a process running inside a Docker container shares a namespace with a container running on the host system. In short, this means someone who gains root access inside a container can easily gain root access on the host system. You can contrast this with traditional virtualization, where root access on a guest won’t do much to get you access on the host.

Root vulnerability isn’t the only threat related to containers; there are several concerns across a number of categories. Some are to be expected in any computing environment, but with Docker containers, they are often amplified.

Download this infographic to learn more about the security challenges Docker users face and how the Sumo Logic app uses machine-learning and analytics capabilities that can help you monitor and protect your containers.

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