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January 24, 2018 By Sumo Logic

Top 10 Tips for Managing Microservices: Infographic

It’s no secret that microservices are taking the IT operations world by storm and forcing every company to ask themselves whether or not microservices is a fit for their application. While this approach certainly is a departure from the monolithic application development strategies of the past, it is hard to ignore with industry titans like Netflix and Amazon leading the way and making big strides leveraging microservices.

But while microservices can be an attractive alternative to outdated methods of the past, many still have questions and concerns. Some worry that the end-to- end management and involvement of the company at large will be too taxing for their organization. Others worry about the shift to an “iterative development” approach, fearing that it will entail too much repetitive failure and not foster the ongoing learning as it is intended too. Some feel that this approach is still too new and needs to have the kinks worked out.

So where do you start if microservices is the way to go and how do you know what mistakes to avoid? We’ve worked with microservices experts to pull together 10 tips to avoid the most common microservices mistakes. Download to learn how your organization can follow best practices and get microservices ingrained within your application.

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