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Unified IT Ops tools

Modern IT Ops Tools to maintain the high reliability of your application and infrastructure

Built with Application Monitoring in mind, gather and analyze all of your Logs, Metrics, and Traces with the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™.

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Application and IT Monitoring Tools

Proactive IT monitoring and troubleshooting tools for faster issue resolution

IT Ops teams can’t afford delays solving an application or infrastructure problem. Sumo Logic unifies logs, metrics, and traces to provide fast alerting and analytics tools to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot service degradation.

Application and IT Monitoring Tools

Reduce MTTR and increase team efficiency

“Sumo Logic has proven itself to be absolutely essential to our operations because it provides us the root cause analysis we need to see. We now know how the application is behaving as it relates to a particular type of request across multiple virtual servers, rather than having to analyze each web platform manually, which is time consuming and inefficient.”



Director of Security and IT

Manage your IT infrastructure in the Cloud or Datacenter

Collect all telemetry in a unified IT platform for faster troubleshooting

Consolidate logs and metrics from your entire infrastructure into a single platform to monitor and optimize resources.

Manage your IT infrastructure in the Cloud or Datacenter

Reduce service disruptions with the right IT Ops monitoring tools

Tiny advances customer experience and empowers its engineers with insights from Sumo Logic.