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Site Reliability Engineers and DevOps

SRE Tools with a Modern approach to Application Monitoring

Built with Observability in mind, gather and analyze all of your Logs, Metrics, and Traces with Sumo Logic

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All of the SRE monitoring tools you need, in one place

Site Reliability and DevOps teams can’t afford to miss anything when solving a problem. Sumo Logic unifies logs, metrics, and traces to provide fast alerting and analytics tools to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot modern applications.


Improve application reliability with the right SRE tools

“Sumo Logic is instrumental in helping our DevOps team streamline our alerting and incident management process to reduce downtime issues.”



Staff Site Reliability Engineer

Open Source Data Collection Approach

Avoid vendor lock-in with Open Source collection

Telemetry collection built on Open Source standards to get started quickly and provide flexibility and interoperability. Sumo Logic fully supports OpenTelemetry and open standards from the CNCF as well as Telegraf for additional metrics collection.

Open Source Data Collection Approach

Best-in-Class SRE Tools for Faster Troubleshooting

Workflows designed for Microservices applications

Integrated analytics that correlate logs, metrics, and traces to quickly identify poor performing components. Using entity-driven workflows, identify infrastructures associated with pods and containers quickly and use powerful log analytics to discover the root cause.

Best-in-Class SRE Tools for Faster Troubleshooting

Reduce service disruptions with the right SRE tools

LendingTree counts on Sumo Logic and Kubernetes to slash revenue-disrupting incidents while also attaining cloud vendor independence.