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December 23, 2014

Moment of Truth: Sumo Logic Team discussed DevOps Use Case

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Sumo Logic for DevOps

Scott Anderson, Site Reliability Engineer, Sumo Logic

DevOps in general is a new idea, it’s a new way of organizing an engineering team. I would say the secret is flexibility and communication and agility, coming together, not being stuck in any one particular mindset, but taking any idea that is a great idea and running with it.

When I walk in every day here at Sumo Logic, I check this dashboard that we’ve created. What we’ve done is we use our own system to monitor our own system. And that helps us, in general, get an idea of what the customers are feeling and what they are experiencing. It also helps us push the product forward.

Our real-time dashboards and search performance allow us to provide a very high level of service for our customers. We use our systems to search back within the logs to find issues to correlate those with problems that customers may have experienced. And that allows us to pinpoint or locate specific areas to dig deeper.

We use our product every day, every minute of every hour of the day. It is used in a broad number of ways, from gathering business side metrics to gathering infrastructure side metrics. We can see trends in more customer sign-ons or higher ingest data and with that information, we know we need to provision more infrastructure. If we spot any issues, we can also remediate those before they become much much bigger issues. We can also use the product to grab trending data as well, so trends on what areas are used. We can prioritize development time to add new features there or optimize new features there to create the experience the customers are looking for.

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