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December 22, 2014

Sumo Logic and ServiceNow Integration

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Overview Video: Unifying Machine Data Analytics with IT Service

Sumo Logic integration with ServiceNow allows organizations to identify, remediate, and automate issues in powerful new ways.

Sumo Logic and ServiceNow:

  • Certified integration
  • Build-in, bi-directional workflow
  • Deep business insights in real-time
  • Optimized productivity, reduced costs

Real-time log data in Sumo Logic easily generates events inside your ServiceNow instance. This screen shows a real-time view of those events, but to give you perspective on the relationship to my workflow of business, let’s look at these events inside of ServiceNow.

Here we see several critical events, but let’s take a look at one in particular. I’m not particularly familiar with this event, but we can take a look at the underlying data within Sumo Logic that created this event, by clicking on the source button. Here, inside of Sumo Logic, I see that there are various messages related, and I want to take a look at the data both before and after this event. This does look like a legitimate problem, so let’s take a look inside of ServiceNow to see how this affects our business service map.

Here inside of the incident for this alert, I can see that the business service map, the SAP financial accounting software, is what’s going to be affected. Since that’s is part of payroll, I know this is a very important application that I want to fix right away. Now, I can verify that this application is performing poorly, by looking at Sumo Logic’s real-time data. I happen to have a health dashboard here, that shows us what is going on inside of that application. We can see that the response times are jumping up very high as well as the number of timeouts. Because this is an important problem, I want to remediate it immediately.

Here inside the view of the incident, I can create an automated change workflow. This pre-defined remediation, once approved, will take care of a rolling restart of the payroll application. After that remediation event, we can see here in Sumo Logic’s real-time dashboard monitoring payroll application, that the number of timeouts has dropped to 0 and the response times have returned to normal.

In Sumo Logic’s anomaly detection system, I can also check to see if there are events that maybe related to my response time issue. If I find an event in here related, I can mark it as critical and have an automated workflow inside of ServiceNow to take care of this event automatically in the future. Together, Sumo Logic and ServiceNow create a closed loop that allows you to manage your business critical assets in powerful ways.


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