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December 23, 2014

Sumo Logic for Monitoring and Troubleshooting your Application Stack in AWS

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Watch an example of how Sumo Logic can help your business securely manage its data by using our machine learning tools to Monitor and Troubleshoot irregularities in your Application's data systems in an AWS instance to preserve the security of your data and of your users' data.

Workloads are migrating both partially and fully to cloud-based platforms to increase the speed and agility of innovation. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the most sought-after IaaS providers that software-centric organizations choose to run their applications on. Organizations are shifting from building, deploying and maintaining monolithic applications with multi-year development cycles, to application or micro services that can be updated independently from one another.

Sumo Logic's ability to provide Continuous Intelligence helps quickly identify the root of the problem and implement a solution to save hours of investigation time by informing the admin when anomalies occur and quickly analyzing large volumes of logs to find disruptions of 3 standard deviations from expected patterns.

Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™

Build, run, and secure modern applications and cloud infrastructures.

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