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December 23, 2014

The Sumo Logic Application for Box

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A Deeper Look into Your Box Environment

SECTION I. Intro Slide

Welcome to the demo of the Sumo Logic Application for Box. We are a Box Trust ecosystem Partner. This application provides insightful dashboards that enable you to look deeper into the activities occurring in your Box environment.

SECTION II. What is Box and Key Values of the Application?

Box is a business content platform in the cloud. As Box resources are accessed, created, utilized, and modified by users, the platform generates rich data. Sumo logic can analyze and correlate across this data to provide user and administrative activity insights. With the availability of this application in our application library, you can now gain access to dashboards that enable you to:

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your users interface with content through user activity audit trails
  2. Collect details about user and device origins through viewing metrics based on geographic location, type of device(s), and network location.
  3. View the different ways that groups of users collaborate through monitoring access to shared resources
  4. Decide how to effectively manage and distribute Box licenses across the top content creators and consumers in your organization
  5. Investigate failed login activity and suspicious administrative actions that may suggest productivity roadblocks or security threats related to issues with accessing resources
  6. Search for any event or activity across your Box environment to gain a better understanding of unique activities that may require deeper analysis or remediation


Lets take a deeper look into the activity occurring in your Box environment by viewing some of our built-in dashboards:

  1. Digging deeper into this dashboard, you can see a variety of administrative user metrics. Here you can see the top users who have experienced login failures: this alarming number of logins by one user, such as David here, may require investigation. Now, this monitor shows the different types of administrative activities that users have performed. Active users here in this table should only be current employees and not terminated employees. Administrative privileges may need to be tightened especially if this table contains any suspicious actions by malicious attackers.
  2. Now moving on to the Box Access Resource dashboard, you will discover which resources are most frequently accessed. Here you can see a list of resources that have been moved or copied. This could be due to a content migration or perhaps resource cleanup is required to reduce clutter or confusion caused by duplication.
  3. Now moving along to the next dashboard, this chart represents an opportunity for you to identify whether users are collaborating within their Box license quotas so that you can proactively adjust the limits without interrupting user productivity. On the other hand, this shared resources monitor is critical as it may aid in revealing sensitive content that may be over-shared and may require the content owner to restrict access to a smaller audience. As you can see, this collection of monitors is essential for enabling an administrator to monitor and secure resources. It is inherent to effectively leverage tools like these to better manage collaboration repositories and also prevent the theft and obliteration of intellectual property.


So, start gaining deeper insight with the Sumo Logic Application for Box. This application is currently available for consumption by all of our Professional and Enterprise customers through our App Library. For more information, please visit

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