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December 10, 2017

Analytics & Machine Learning Drive ITOA 2.0 for Better App Performance - Webinar

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Today’s leading enterprises are striving to deliver high performance, highly scalable and always-on digital services. Built using a host of modern tools including microservices, multiple cloud platforms, containers and DevOps practices, these apps present new challenges for operations teams when it comes to understanding and driving performance.

Although IT operations analytics (ITOA) tools bring visibility to IT teams, they don’t operate well in today’s complex and heterogeneous environments. A new breed of ITOA solutions (ITOA 2.0), driven by advancements in machine learning and big-data technologies are poised to better respond to the needs of IT pros responsible for the modern complex applications.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

•The driving factors behind the evolution of ITOA to ITOA 2.0

•How machine learning and analytics play a central role

•Why correlation of logs and metrics is becoming critical for monitoring tools

•How organizations can leverage ITOA 2.0 technologies to reduce mean time to identify the source of problems and repair them


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