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June 17, 2016

Building on the 3rd Platform – The Benefits & Challenges of Building Cloud-Native | On-Demand Webinar

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to build something new and innovative, but struggling with where to start or how to overcome the obstacles? Is your company trying to push towards cloud-native architecture and you're unsure of how to begin that journey? More often than not teams see great tools but aren't sure how the developers of those tools got there. Enter stage left our two modern technology experts. Robert Mahowald, Group VP at IDC, brings to the table more than 20 years of technology expertise and has a track record of understanding trends and “the next big thing.” Christian Beedgen, founder and CTO of Sumo Logic, is a technology veteran who has spent his career building innovative applications that are able to scale leveraging the latest tools available. We've pulled their brain power into a single webinar to dive into the ins and outs of building cloud-native. Listen in on this webinar as our experts engage in an interactive discussion on how to build an innovative, cloud-native application. In this conversation, they cover off on:
  • The aftermath of the latest wave of digital disruption and what it means for modern applications
  • How to build a solid foundation for an application that will scale
  • Tips and tricks to combat common challenges when building a modern application
  • Best practices for ensuring that your application will remain healthy and competitive throughout its lifecycle
Want to learn more about Sumo Logic's cloud-native architecture? Check out our How It Works section to learn what's under the hood.


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