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November 28, 2017

We can’t “hold on a sec” - Webinar

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DevSecOps means everyone is responsible for security and compliance from Day 1.

A DevSecOps culture is a must to maintain speed, agility and innovation while simultaneously meeting regulations and staying ahead of attacks. Learn how to bake it into your technology’s DNA from Day 1.

Ultimately, the challenge is to deal with imminent cloud-based attacks, whilst having visibility into processes in order to safeguard user and corporate information. This is easiest, and most scalable, under the mantra of DevSecOps. Do it from Day 1, and you won’t regret it on Day 1,000.

In this session, George will share best practice of how companies have achieved this, as well as the benefits they have realised -- and potential catastrophes they have avoided. Some of the key takeaways will include:

  • How DevSecOps is changing how organisations approach security and compliance
  • A practitioners' guide to Securing the Cloud and Demystifying GDPR
  • How to successfully implement and maintain a DevSecOps culture

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