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April 1, 2016

The Evolution of Data Driven Security with Advanced Security Analytics

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The landscape of security is changing. While information security teams have always been one of the largest producers and consumers of data, the need for robust tools to understand that data is more urgent than ever. Event and activity logs have grown to big data proportions and the diversity of data being consumed has become significantly more varied. As the need for continuous security intelligence and accelerated incident response increases, traditional log and event management tools and monitoring practices are becoming increasingly insufficient. More teams are coming to realize that their traditional SIEM just isn't going to cut it, and are shifting their focus towards advanced security analytics. The era of big data is demonstrating to information security that there is more that can and must be done to identify threats, reduce risk, and improve compliance monitoring activities by bringing better context to data and creating information for actionable intelligence. View this session in which we are joined by David Monahan, Research Director, Security and Risk Management at Enterprise Management Associates, to dive into how data security is evolving and how your organization can take advantage of this evolution. In this session, we will discuss:
  • EMA's research results on the evolution of data driven security
  • Value of Security Analytics over SIEM
  • Effectiveness and value of security analytics tools as perceived by the business
  • Impact of security tools in incident response

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