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March 10, 2016

How to Improve Your MTTI and MTTR with a Single Click

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For many DevOps teams pushing code updates regularly, determining the stability of their application after deployment can be a difficult process. When it comes to a mission critical application, reductions in MTTI and MTTR are absolutely crucial. Additionally, teams are faced with the challenge of both determining whether or not their new code has improved the performance of the application and quantifying such improvements in a meaningful way.

To solve this challenge, we have created LogReduce and LogCompare. These features allow Sumo Logic users to harness the power of machine learning to reduce the noise within your logs and identify key patterns. Using these patterns, users are able to more quickly identify and remediate bugs and issues within the code or application, among other things. Our latest feature, LogCompare, takes this one step further, providing the ability to compare the key log patterns and signatures from one period of time to another.

Download this webinar and listen in as our experts dive into how Sumo Logic enables users to drastically reduce MTTI and MTTR with a single click. In this discussion, we will cover:

  • The power of log analytics for faster troubleshooting and root-cause analysis
  • How machine learning & pattern recognition enable faster MTTI and MTTR
  • A demonstration of how Sumo Logic's LogReduce and LogCompare features are helping users gain better control of their applications

Featured Speakers:

  • Matt Amel - Product Management, Advanced Analytics
  • Latimer Luis - Customer Success Team

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