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June 16, 2016

Improving Your Build, Test and Release Cycles with Modern Tools | On-Demand Webinar

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Modern development teams are having more and more be asked of them. For many, the main asks boil down to speeding up release cycles exponentially. While the modern tools at developer fingertips have been created with the intent to speed up these release cycles, many teams find themselves overwhelmed by the number of tools and are unsure of how to leverage them in the most efficient manner possible.

This is where our experts come in! We've brought together two DevOps pros, Matt Heuser and Michael Floyd, who will walk through a day in the life of a software tester and share common practices that have led to failed release cycles. In this interactive discussion, these veterans will be covering off on some of the most cited challenges they hear from DevOps teams and share best practices - along with the tools that enable them - to tackle these challenges in an efficient way. From determining how to use Docker for testing to leveraging Github to determine if your release is really ready to go, this webinar has it all.

Listen to this on-demand webinar in which our speakers engage in an interactive discussion, covering off on:

  • The advantages of versioning automated checks with your code.
  • How Docker Images can be used for testing.
  • How to anticipate the potential risk/volatility of a release.
  • Use Github statistics to understand the impact of process change, and provide indicators of team productivity
  • Identify potential security breaches, and secure your organization’s intellectual property

Want to learn more about how Sumo Logic can help you leverage modern development tools more efficiently in your release cycles? Check out our Apps page.

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