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April 7, 2017

Trouble in the Land of Open Source

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How Hootsuite replaced ELK and Graphite with Sumo Logic to deliver amazing service to their customers

Today's businesses run on modern applications. And enterprises have to deliver these apps with amazing customer experience to attract, engage and retain customers.

As the leading provider of social media management services for enterprises, Hootsuite started with open source solutions ELK & Graphite software to monitor and analyze their mission-critical application performance. However as their customer base and adoption grew, Hootsuite realized the challenging in scaling their management solutions to deliver predictable services.

To address these needs, Hootsuite turned to Sumo Logic. Sumo Logic provides the industry’s first machine data analytics platform to natively ingest, index and analyze metrics and log data together in real-time.

Listen now to learn how Hootsuite made the switch from open source tools to Sumo Logic and the benefits they realized. In this presentation, we discuss:

  • The challenges in running & managing solutions like ELK and Graphite
  • Sumo Logic unified logs and metrics monitoring solution and its advanced analytics, dashboarding and troubleshooting capabilities
  • How Hootsuite was able to leverage Sumo Logic to deliver excellent user experience to their end customers

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