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December 29, 2014

Driving Retail Success with Machine Data Intelligence

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Sumo Logic and Akamai: Retail Success with Machine Data Intelligence

John Atkinson, Technical Director of Strategic Alliance, Sumo Logic

Greg Lord, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Akamai

Gain a competitive edge this holiday season by harnessing the power of machine data. Transform the complexities in the retail and e-commerce business such as the growing volume of data, unforeseen spikes in business and payment processing into key business advantages. Leverage the wealth of information hidden in the logs generated by your application and network infrastructure, payment platforms, online stores and mobile apps. Analyze the data in real-time to improve availability and performance, strengthen security and deliver a delightful experience to your customers.

The combined power of Akamai Cloud Monitor and Sumo Logic can help customers proactively extract and leverage mission critical information. Akamai's Cloud Monitor delivers critical transaction and security event data from Akamai’s Intelligent Platform™ to Sumo Logic in real-time so your teams can effectively manage core processes.

Akamai Senior Product Marketing Manager, Greg Lord, and Sumo Logic Technical Director of Strategic Alliances, John Atkinson, discuss how the out-of-the-box integration between Sumo Logic and Akamai allows organizations to:

  • Gain a competitive edge by identifying purchasing trends in real-time
  • Improve service by correlating Akamai data sets for reduced errors and downtime
  • Strengthen security posture through compliance and web application firewall (WAF) monitoring
  • Elastically scale to meet unforeseen or projected spikes in business
  • Streamline order management, store performance and loss prevention


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