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February 10, 2016

Using Machine Data to Enhance IT Operations Visibility

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If keeping your applications running is keeping you up at night, you need to do more than just hope your machines keep running. Simple monitoring might have been good enough when your applications weren’t difference-makers for your business, but today IT is not only a partner, but also a driver of the business. When it comes to modern applications, machine data becomes crucial for IT organizations to troubleshoot and monitor in real-time.

If you are moving to Amazon AWS, it is also important to understand your role in application monitoring and performance. While the platform provides you with metrics, you are in charge of your application destiny, and this is where machine data analytics come into play.

What you need today are analytics that tell you much more than whether your systems and applications are up and running. Machine data analytics can not only help you reduce mean time to recovery, but can also help you use your data to measure how agile teams are delivering updates and how your business is performing against key KPIs and metrics.

Join Sumo Logic and industry expert Peter Varhol for a free webinar on how to effectively use machine data to improve the responsiveness and performance of your IT Operations and DevOps teams. You will find out why analytics need to be a critical part of your IT Operations and DevOps strategy, and how you can use your data to make better decisions and deliver business value and innovation on Amazon AWS.

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