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December 1, 2020 By Sourabh Jain and Rishi Divate

Monitor AWS Lambda functions created from container images

We are excited to announce comprehensive monitoring support for AWS Lambda functions packaged and deployed as container images.

Modern applications are often built, deployed, and managed as container images. At the same time, however, developers are drawn to serverless technologies for running their code without having to worry about infrastructure. AWS is now helping you bridge the gap between these two paradigms by allowing you to build and deploy serverless AWS Lambda functions with container images. This allows you to harness the power of AWS Lambda without having to rewrite or modify your development workflows.

Get real-time logs with the Sumo Logic extension

Sumo Logic recently introduced a new AWS Lambda extension to get instant visibility into the health and performance of your AWS Lambda logs by analyzing function, platform, and extension logs to quickly identify and remediate errors and exceptions. We are happy to announce that this extension can also be added to container images packaged and deployed as AWS Lambda functions. For more information on how to do so, please see our technical documentation.

Comprehensively monitor all your Lambda functions

In addition to using the above extension, the Sumo Logic AWS Observability solution can monitor and analyze operational and performance trends for Lambda functions created with container images along with all other Lambda functions.

This is done by analyzing Lambda logs and metrics available in AWS CloudWatch as well as Lambda audit logs from AWS CloudTrail logs in a single pane of glass with intuitive navigation across AWS accounts and regions.

With Sumo Logic's AWS monitoring, get an aggregate view of how all of your AWS Lambda functions are performing along with detail into top users and services invoking functions. Then, easily drill down into specific functions for analytics such as errors, invocations by function, and top callers.

For more information on how to use AWS Lambda with container images, check out the announcement from AWS. For integrating the Sumo Logic extension with AWS Lambda, please check out our technical documentation, and to understand how Sumo Logic can help monitor AWS Lambda and other AWS services, please check out our AWS Observability page.

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Sourabh Jain and Rishi Divate

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