Announcing the Sumo Logic Global Intelligence Service at Illuminate 2018
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Announcing the Sumo Logic Global Intelligence Service at Illuminate 2018

In today’s hyper-connected world, a company’s differentiation is completely dependent upon delivering a better customer experience, at scale, and at a lower cost than the competition. This is no easy feat, and involves a combination of many things, particularly adopting new technologies and architectures, as well as making better use of data and analytics.

Sumo Logic is committed to helping our customers excel in this challenging environment by making it easier to adopt the latest application architectures while also making the most of their precious data.

The Power of the Platform

As a multi-tenant cloud-native platform, Sumo Logic has a unique opportunity to provide context and data to our customers that is not available anywhere else. Why is this?

First of all, when an enterprise wants to explore new architectures and evaluate options, it is very difficult to find broad overviews of industry trends based on real-time data rather than surveys or guesswork.

Second, it is difficult to find reliable information about how exactly companies are using technologies at the implementation level, all the way down to the configurations and performance characteristics. Finally, once implemented, companies struggle to make the best use of the massive amount of machine data exhaust from their applications, particularly for non-traditional audiences like data scientists.

It is with this backdrop in mind that Sumo Logic is announcing the Global Intelligence Service today during the keynote presentation at our second annual user conference, Illuminate, in Burlingame, Calif. This unprecedented initiative of data democratization is composed of three primary areas of innovation.

Industry Insights — What Trends Should I be Watching?

Sumo Logic is continuing to building on the success of its recently released third annual ‘State of Modern Applications and DevSecOps in the Cloud’ report to provide more real-time and actionable insights about industry trends. In order to stay on top of a constantly changing technology landscape, this report is expanding to include more frequent updates and instant-access options to help customers develop the right modern application or cloud migration strategy for their business, operational and security needs.

Chart depicting clusters of AWS Services used frequently together

Community Insights — What Are Companies like us, and Teams like ours, Doing?

Sumo Logic is applying the power of machine learning to derive actionable insights for getting the most out of your technology investments. We have found that many engineering teams lack the right resources and education needed to make the best technology choices early on in their prototyping phases. And then, when the system is in production, it is often too late to make changes. That’s why Sumo Logic has an opportunity to save our customers pain and frustration by giving them benchmarking and comparison information when they most need it.

We all like to think that our use cases are each a beautiful, unique snowflake. The reality is that, while each of us is unique, our uses of technology fall into some predictable clusters. So, looking over a customer base of thousands, Sumo Logic can infer patterns and best practices about how similar organizations are using technologies.

Uses those patterns, we will be building recommendations and content for our customers that can be used to compare performance against a baseline of usage across their peers.

Chart depicting how the performance behavior across customers tend to cluster

Data Science Insights — Data Scientists Need Love, Too

Data scientists are under more pressure than ever to deliver stunning results, while also getting pushback from society about the quality of their models and the biases that may or may not be there. At the end of the day, while data scientists have control over their models, they may have less control over the data.

If the data is incomplete or biased in any way that can directly influence the results. To alleviate this issue, Sumo Logic is providing an open source integration with the industry standard Jupyter and Apache Zeppelin notebooks in order to make it easier for data scientists to leverage the treasure trove of knowledge currently buried in their application machine data.

Empower the People who Power Modern Business

You may still be wondering, why does all of this matter?

At the end of the day, it is all about making our customers successful by making their people successful. A business is only as effective as the people who do the work, and it is our mission at Sumo Logic to empower those users to excel in their roles, which in return contributes to overall company growth and performance.

And we also want to set users outside of the traditional IT, DevOps, and security teams up for success as well by making machine data analytics more accessible for them.

So, don’t forget that you heard it here first: Democratizing machine data is all about empowering the people with love (and with unique machine data analytics and insights)!

Additional Resources

  • Download the 2018 ‘State of Modern Applications and DevSecOps in the Cloud’ report and/or read the press release for more detailed insights.
  • Read the Sumo Logic platform enhancement release to learn more about our latest platform enhancements and innovations
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